How to Capture More Leads With Quizzes

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Have you noticed that lots of articles open with a question? Well, it’s not a coincidence.

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Immediately directing a question at the reader is a tried and tested way to engage them. It establishes a connection between writer and reader right off the bat—even though the reader can’t respond with an answer.

But what if they could respond? Then they’d be really engaged with what you have to say. 

That’s why when it comes to capturing leads, quizzes are quickly becoming the marketer’s secret weapon.

In this article, we’ll show you how to use HubSpot and Typeform to generate leads with a social media quiz.

Are Quizzes Really the Answer?

If your company’s struggling to engage people on social media with conventional ads and content, you’re not alone. In the first six months of 2017, Facebook engagement for brands fell by 20%. People are tired of ads on social media because they offer them no value.

That’s where quizzes come in. They fill that value void. Think about the last time you took a quiz. Maybe it was in a bar with friends or scrolling through BuzzFeed. Perhaps it was on the HQ app, which gets up to two million people playing the same quiz simultaneously. Wherever it was, one thing’s for sure: When it comes to quizzes, people can’t get enough. 

cupcake-quizThe BuzzFeed Quiz Facebook page has more than 1.5 million likes.

We put this to the test here at Typeform by launching a handful of viral quizzes on Facebook last year, purely as a brand awareness exercise.

To be honest, we couldn’t have predicted how successful they’d be. The quizzes were completed 468,392 times and reached over 5 million people. They even ended up winning us some customers, despite not being planned as an acquisition campaign.

We were so impressed that we embarked on a full-fledged lead gen campaign with social quizzes as our method of choice.

Here are our four steps to turning questions into qualified leads:  

Step 1: Choose your topic and target audiences

Your first task is to figure out who you’re going to quiz and what you’re going to quiz them on.

For some companies, this is a no-brainer. Naked Wines made a quiz about buying wine from the supermarket, which appeals to both the ‘routine wine drinker’ and ‘out-of-their-depth gift buyer’ demographics. Or in other words, anyone old enough to buy alcohol.

But like most companies, yours will probably have more specific target audiences, and your quizzes should follow suit. They should be tailored to your key customer personas, as people love to be quizzed on their specialist subjects—it makes them feel like an expert.

Want to attract designers? Come up with a really hard design quiz. They’ll be intrigued to test their creative credentials and will challenge their network to do the same.

A great way to segment your audience is to send out multiple quizzes aimed at different kinds of people. For our latest batch of marketer quizzes, we targeted SEO geeks, Google Analytics nerds, and Content kings. 


Typeform’s SEO quiz—believe it or not, people love taking it.

This lets us take a unique approach when following up on each group of quiz-takers, on the assumption that anyone who completes these quizzes knows about the topic for their job—unless they just really, really like doing quizzes.  

Step 2: Come up with the questions

This part is pretty self-explanatory. Once you’ve defined your topic, write some challenging, fun questions. But there are a couple things to keep in mind.

First, why make the quiz yourself if you can get someone to do it for you? Everyone loves a bit of delegation. But seriously, if there’s an expert in your chosen topic around the office, ask them to do it—your target audience will appreciate it if the quizmaster truly knows their stuff.

Next, consider segmenting your quiz-taking leads by asking about their preferences and behaviors. Want to know if someone has a cat or a dog? Ask them. How about when they most often check social media? Only one way to find out. People like answering questions about themselves, so you can find out pretty much anything you want with the right questions.

Lastly, don’t shy away from having a bit of fun. Use pictures where possible, and keep the tone lighthearted and conversational throughout. The less it feels like a marketing exercise, the more responses you’ll get. This is a quiz after all—not an exam or inquisition. Nobody expects an exam or inquisition.

Once you’re done, send the quiz out to your colleagues to make sure it’s fun, about the right length, and that it all works properly. 

Step 3: Decide on a final CTA

This one’s crucial, so it’s worth experimenting with.

Your ideal prospect has come across your quiz, flexed their mental muscles, and made it all the way to the end. Now what?

Whatever the quiz, there’s one option you’ll definitely want to include at the end—social share buttons. It should be a breeze for people to send it to their friends and brag about their score all over social media.

Beyond this, you’re pretty much free to try out any marketing tactic you want. Remember, you already have someone’s full attention by this point. Here’s a few ideas:

  • Looking to collect email addresses? Ask people for theirs at the end of the quiz to get their score. This works, but having a mandatory email question to complete the quiz is a bit of a hard sell and it might deter some people. Digital detox company Consciously Digital offers to send extra info and advice on your technology habits if you leave your email at the end of their quiz. Try making the email field optional for a softer approach.
  • Promoting a special offer? At the beginning of the quiz, mention there’s a special link to an online voucher for your store waiting at the end.

Maybe you just want to throw in a big ‘Sign Up’ link at the end—it all depends on the objective of your quiz.

The general rule of thumb: Whatever you ask for, leave it until the end, and be honest about why you’re asking for it. That way your audience will be more engaged with your request and more willing to share. 

score-imageConsciously Digital’s lead gen tactic at the end of their quiz.

Step 4: Unleash it on social media 

There was a time when you could throw something cool on Facebook, then just sit back and relax as the comments and shares rolled in.

Unfortunately, those golden days of organic reach are long gone—so you’re going to have to allocate some budget if you want your quiz to get seen.

Here are some tips:

  • Target an audience: Want to find people who look like your best customers? With the HubSpot ads add-on, you can create a lookalike audience for your Facebook ads with your HubSpot contacts lists or website visitor audience. Head over here for more details.
  • Aim for shares: Your ad’s relevancy score is increased by likes, comments, and shares. The higher the score, the lower the cost per click. Remember not to restrict age ranges when targeting demographics. Even if younger people aren’t your best customers, they’re more likely to share.
  • Craft the copy: The title and description of your quiz is the difference between a click and a scroll. Avoid looking or sounding like an ad. When writing the quiz ad copy, think What would you write if you were sharing a quiz with your friends? If you’re stuck, you can always go with the classic How much do you really know about [topic]?
  • Test, test, test: Put together five to ten different ads and A/B test them. Try out different combinations of cover images and copy until you find one that works for you. This can be done easily with a program like Adespresso.

If everything goes to plan, the responses will start flowing in no time. There’s just one thing left to consider: what to do with your newfound leads.  

Managing Your Leads With HubSpot and Typeform

One simple solution is to create your quiz with Typeform, then use the integration with HubSpot to feed the results directly to your HubSpot CRM. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Create your quiz in Typeform

Log in to Typeform, choose a quiz template, or make a quiz from scratch using Logic Jump and Calculator. For more information on how to do this, head over to this article. 

Step 2: Connect your quiz to HubSpot

After you’ve made your quiz, head to Typeform’s Integrate area and click Connect next to the HubSpot integration. 


Then pick your HubSpot account that you’d like to connect the quiz to:


Step 3: Choose the answers you want to send to HubSpot

Next, match your Typeform answers to their corresponding properties in Hubspot using the dropdown menus. For the matching to work, the answer fields on your typeform must be marked as Required. 

If your question is asking for a property that doesn’t exist in HubSpot, head over to your Hubspot contacts page to create it manually.

Click Actions in the top-right corner of your Contacts page, then select Edit properties from the dropdown menu.

Once you’re on the Properties page, click Create a property. Fill out the information to match the quiz answer you want to send to HubSpot, then click Create.


Now, when someone submits their name or email in your quiz, they’ll automatically be added to your HubSpot contacts list along with any other answers matched to properties: 

Step 4: Segment your leads with HubSpot

Once the responses start rolling in, there are a number of ways you can segment your list of quiz-takers.

You can change the order in which contacts are listed by selecting different properties in the column headings of your contacts list. Or you can filter your audience according to properties to zoom in on one specific group of people. To the left of your contacts list, click the Add filter button to do this.

Want to segment by the source of your leads? HubSpot adds a tracking cookie to your typeform by default, so if someone lands on your quiz via Facebook, HubSpot records this. Then you can double down on your most productive channel in the future.

To see where your quiz completions come from, click Actions at the top of your Contacts page, then click Edit columns.

When the menu appears, add Original Source and Original source drill-down 1 to your selected columns. 

Now you’ll be able to see exactly where someone has completed your quiz and sort your contacts list accordingly.

That’s just about everything you need to get started. With Typeform and HubSpot, your quiz will look great on any device, and you’ll have tons of options to follow up on your leads. We hope these steps will help you on your journey from novice asker to quiz master. 

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