Creating Team Member Landing Pages

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One of the strengths of the HubSpot tools is their flexibility, and one of the best parts of working in Support is seeing the creative ways people re-purpose different tools. 

For example, you may be used to creating landing pages simply for content offers. Landing pages don't have to be about just delivering content though. They can also be crafted to suit more specific purposes based off of your business.

This post comes from conversations I've had with HubSpot users who were looking to build landing pages dedicated to specific team members. It's designed to give you some best practices and tips on creating personalized landing pages for individual team members.

Why Make These Pages?

There are a number of different uses for these types of pages. The users who prompted this post wanted to create landing pages where visitors could book time for a demo with a specific sales rep. But perhaps your different team members have specific areas of expertise and you want to give your contacts (or soon-to-be-contacts) the ability to bring their questions directly to the source. Or maybe you have a totally new use-case that would benefit from having pages dedicated to individual team members.

Before you start building your content, you'll want to determine the specific goal of the pages. Think about the information you want to offer to visitors and the information you're looking to gather from those visitors. How you answer those questions will determine how you approach the process of building the content itself. So, what are the basic steps for building the pages?

1. Build a template/base page

The first step will be determining the basic structure of your pages. Do you want these pages to have a unique structure that sets them apart from your other landing pages? Then you'll likely want to create a new landing page template (or clone an existing template and make changes to the clone).

Or perhaps you want to use the same structure you're already using for other landing pages. If so, you can create a "base page" using an existing template and make smaller changes to the content that will help guide the creation of future personalized landing pages:


2. Customize content for the team member

Now that you have a new template or base page to work off of, you can start creating the individual pages themselves. The editing portion of this step is pretty easy, but where you'll want to pay particular attention is in the naming and organization of the pages. If you have a lot of team members, or if you anticipate making more of these pages in the future, there are a few tips that can help keep everything under control.

To keep everything organized in the landing page dashboard, come up with a clear and consistent naming structure for these pages. This way it will be easy to find a particular page when you need to make changes, and you'll be less likely to confuse one team member's page for another. You can also add these pages to their own folder so you can access them more quickly:


3. Set up "behind-the-scenes" processes

Now that you've created the customer-facing material (the pages themselves), it's time to build out the processes that will be working behind-the-scenes. These might include confirmation emails that send to contacts after they submit the form and/or workflows that will deliver emails to notify the individual team member of the submission.

This step is pretty open-ended, because it all depends on how you're intending to use the individual landing pages. Regardless of the additional resources you create, you'll want to keep the same advice from step 2 in mind: have a clear naming convention for your content so that everything is organized in your account.

4. BONUS: Embed a HubSpot meetings calendar

If the goal of the landing page is to give contacts a chance to book time with the specific team member, you can go the extra step of providing them with a calendar showing that team member's availability. This step will require that the team member is a Sales Pro user with access to the HubSpot meetings tool. Check out this article to learn how to embed a HubSpot meetings calendar on a page.

We'd love to hear about the creative ways you approach these types of landing pages—let us know in the comments below! 

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