The twinkle lights are up, the nights are getting colder and there is a new box from Amazon on your doorstep every day. It could only mean one thing. We are getting to the most wonderful time of the year…end of year reporting time!

By this point you have probably been asked by most people in your office:

“How are we doing?”
“Are we going to hit our numbers?”
“Can you send me that report?”

The biggest culprits of drive-by reporting requests are the sales executives. Since you have likely aligned so closely with sales using an SLA, it is not surprising that they have come to depend on you for insight into their team. 

Let’s take some of that work off of your plate. With HubSpot’s Reporting Add-on and a little help from this HubSpot Academy project, you can now create customized dashboards for all of your stakeholders. Your marketing team can have one dashboard focused on lead generation activities, while the sales team has one focused on deals and revenue growth.

Here are a few reports to set up for the VP of Sales:

1. Deals Closed vs. Goal

Why your VP of Sales likes this report: There is nothing worse than getting to the end of the month and realizing you are behind your goal. This report will allow your VP of Sales to monitor their team's progress throughout the month.  If the team is not on track to hit their numbers they will be able to combat this throughout the month instead of playing catch up at the end of the month. 


How to use this report: This report should be monitored throughout the month by sales as well as marketing. If the goal is not being reached the sales team may need to try other tactics to close their deals. The sales team may also look to marketing to provide them with more qualified leads. 

2. Opp-to-Customer Conversion Rate

Why your VP of Sales likes this report: Opportunity-to-customer conversion rate allows your VP of Sales to see the rate at which their team converts opportunities to sales. This information will allow them to forecast their customer base based on their opportunity pipeline. 


How to use this report: This report should be looked at monthly by the VP of sales to make sure that they are closing their opportunities at a rate that will allow them to hit their customer numbers. If they see a drop in their close rate, the sales team may want to better define an opportunity. Here's a great post on how criteria for upgrading leads to opportunities.

3. Deals Revenue Leaderboard

Why your VP of Sales likes this report: They will love the accountability that this report creates for the individual sales reps as well as the healthy competition that it stirs up. 


How to use this report: This report should be checked daily by the VP of sales as well as the sales team. Having visibility into the leaders of your sales team can help foster a mentor/mentee relationship. On the flip side, for those not doing well, your VP of sales will know who needs a little more assistance. 

4. Contact Lifecycle Funnel

Why your VP of Sales likes this report: This report will show them the overall health of your sales cycle. The transparency of this report will also show how well sales & marketing are working together. 


How to use this report: This report should be utilized by both sales and marketing monthly. You will be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your funnel. Is marketing delivering quality leads? Is there something wrong in the sales process? This data will help you make data-driven decisions when planning out your 2016 calendar.

Creating these dashboards will strengthen your sales and marketing relationship and allow you to focus on your team’s end-of-year goals.

Now, are you ready to get back to your holiday shopping? Eh, I mean, end-of-year metrics? Try out this HubSpot Customer Project: How to Measure the Productivity of your Sales Team.

Need a little more guidance? Work with our consultants to build out all the reports your sales and marketing teams would need. 

Measuring Your Performance Project

Originally published Dec 9, 2015 11:00:00 AM, updated February 01 2017