COVID-19 has had a significant impact on industries across the globe. Some have experienced more of an impact than others. Think about your own organization or the organizations you engage with on a daily basis — how have they been affected? These types of economic downturns make understanding the trends happening — and how you and your business can stay on top of them — imperative.

Additionally, you need to know what tools will keep your business' momentum going through uncertain times. We'll go through seven different industries, the areas of impact, and some HubSpot tools that will help you manage the storm.

Impacted Industries and Where to Focus Your Attention

The data mentioned below comes from our COVID data which now includes a breakdown for seven different industries.

Industries right now fall into two main groups: more- and less-impacted. Depending on where you and your business falls, you might be looking at different strategies and tools to help you through these times.

Let’s take a look at the seven industries, areas to focus on within each, and which HubSpot tools you may want to employ.

  1. Computer software
  2. Consumer goods
  3. Construction
  4. Human resources
  5. Entertainment
  6. Travel
  7. Manufacturing

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Computer Software

A less-impacted industry than others, computer software still has areas to focus on right now. Consumers around the world are turning to software to assist them and stay ahead of the curve with new technologies and tools to engage with their customers.

If you are in the computer software industry, focus on helping your sales team break through the noise and better connect with prospects and leads. Providing personalized and engaging content can help to stand out from the crowd. Sales productivity may also be area in need of attention.

In HubSpot, a collective of tools can help you with Sales productivity: Task Queues, Sequences, and Templates.

All of these tools will help your Sales Team and keep them focused throughout the day, engaging with the right people at the right time.

1:1 Video

You can quickly record your screen and voice, or use your computer's camera to record yourself. Then, you can send your video right to a prospect via email — a sort of video voicemail.

The viewer will click the video image and jump to an automatically created landing page to watch the video. Each video email sent will be logged in the CRM, letting you know when prospects open and click.

Keep your leads and prospects engaged by sending them a personalized video that focuses on their goals and continues the conversation.

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Consumer Goods

Your website is your new storefront. Even if you were selling online before, the current economic downturn makes your website more important than ever when it comes to engaging visitors and converting them into leads.

Whether you are just getting started with setting up an ecommerce storefront or updating your website to personalize the experience, your focus should be on educational content.  Investing in this educational content will attract visitors and show them how your products or services can help them achieve their goals.

Developing an educational content experience on your website means focusing on the goals your visitors are trying to meet instead of just on the features of your products or services.

Tips for an educational website experience:

  1. Include videos
  2. Be human and helpful
  3. Focus on the goals of your visitors and what you can teach them

If you have not yet integrated a purchase experience on your website, check out the HubSpot Integration with Shopify.

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Construction & Manufacturing

Construction and manufacturing companies deemed essential have continued their work over the past few months. For these companies, it's important to update current clients and leads along with their strategies and plans to continue working.

Two areas construction and manufacturing companies to pay attention to are:

  1. Helping your sales reps move from outside sales to inside sales
  2. Nurturing clients

Implement new technologies to help your sales rep continue to sell during this time and connect with clients. Integrations with HubSpot such as Zoom can keep your sales reps engaged with leads and managing deals during this time.

In addition, some clients may have discontinued projects, but you'll want to keep them engaged to pick up where you left off in the future. Focus on nurturing campaigns with HubSpot Workflows to keep your clients engaged and informed with any educational content you can provide — it's also a good time to think about how you can repurpose content.

Learn more about how you can manage and streamline your workflows with HubSpot in this lesson on Streamlining Workflows.

Human Resources

With many businesses reducing hiring or pausing their hiring efforts, human resources has seen an impact to their business, growth, and communication efforts. 

For human resources, educational content is more important than ever. Ease uncertainty by creating educational content that helps your clients work work with their employees during a crisis. This is a key way to keep folks in your pipeline and nurture your existing customers.

You'll also want to keep leads warm for when hiring picks back up — help clients manage their hiring losses and where to stay focused.

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Impact on Entertainment and Travel

Our last two industries are the ones who have been impacted the most, travel and entertainment. 


Travel is one industry that’s been the hardest hit across all areas of business. With travel regulations in place and a continued drive to stay at home, travel has been hit hard.

Keep your audience engaged and attract new visitors by:

  • Implementing chatbots and ticket automation to streamline communication around guidelines and procedures 
  • Creating educational content to help people plan for future travel
  • Creating virtual experiences to keep folks interested in you and your services

Implementing chatbots and ticket automation can help with productivity and volume of questions. Create Chatbots in HubSpot to interact with folks on your website and answer their questions quickly. Then, continue to nurture them.

Using tickets and workflows in HubSpot, you can automate the support experience and answer common questions to free up your time. Then, you can focus you efforts on developing new content to delight customers.


The entertainment industry, similar to travel, has been heavily affected. Even though web traffic and marketing email open rates remain strong, sales teams continue to struggle as entertainment businesses find ways to adapt until they can return to in-person strategies.

We have seen an increase in online concerts, art classes, and comedy shows to provide experiences for customers and leads across the entertainment industry.

Here's a collection of HubSpot to help you support your own efforts:

  1. Creating an online store experience with Shopify for Stripe Integration with HubSpot
  2. Implementing Zoom Webinars and automating the registration process for live events
  3. Using workflows to follow up with and ask for feedback from your audience

One thing is constant throughout all industries: educational content is more important than ever. Helping your leads, prospects, and customers manage through the current climate will also help you manage.

In times like these, knowing what tools will attract, engage, and delight is key to moving forward. And we'll be there to help you through, too.

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Originally published May 11, 2020 8:00:00 AM, updated May 11 2020