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September 2017: New HubSpot Product Integrations This Month

by Alec Biedrzycki


October 2, 2017 at 9:00 AM

HubSpot-Connect-brand (2).pngThe HubSpot Connect program brings new companies aboard each month to deliver helpful solutions to HubSpot customers looking to market as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We’re building an ecosystem of product integrations that help our users expand and improve their marketing and sales capabilities — all while using HubSpot.

Each month, we showcase several of our newest product integrations and beta integrators to let you know how that ecosystem is growing.

Maybe you’re already using one of these technologies and you’re excited to learn about how it now integrates with HubSpot, or maybe you’re in the market for a new tool to increase your team’s productivity.

The HubSpot Connect program is growing rapidly. You can find all of our integration partners here. For now, let’s get into some of the newest beta integrators and certified partners in the HubSpot ecosystem.

New Product Integrations in Beta

These technologies are currently in our Beta program, which means our users are still testing the integrations they’ve built. These products need your help to get HubSpot’s official stamp of approval before becoming a certified Connect partner.

If you’re a user of both HubSpot and one of these technologies, enable the integration in your HubSpot account to be one of the first to check it out.

accelo — For the account manager.

Sync your clients and contacts between HubSpot and Accelo to get full visibility into client operations. This helps account managers stay on track with client needs and deliverables so there's no downtime between a new customer becoming a happy client.

Ceros — For the content creator.

This integration allows you to drop Hubspot forms directly into your Ceros interactive content so it's engaging and actionable. The Ceros platform allows content creators to create dynamic, interactive content experiences -- so enabling HubSpot lead generation is a no-brainer to ensure you're showing ROI for your efforts. 

Smart Moderation — For the community manager.

A simple but powerful solution: Manage all Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and HubSpot blog comments on a single dashboard while automatically removing inappropriate comments.

Atomic AI — For the busy content marketer.

Don't have time to pick the right keywords? This integration allows you to leverage AI to optimize your blog and social content to reach your target audience.

revoice.me — For the Facebook marketer.

Manage your marketing conversations in social media. Use this integration to leverage Facebook messenger to nurture leads from HubSpot.

New Certified Integration Partners

The Connect program is excited to announce that these two companies have acquired enough integration users to become Certified Connect partners. That means customers are loving the ways our software works together -- and we're always looking to add value for each and every HubSpot user.

Animoto, Vidmob, and PowToon — For the marketer without a film degree.

Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular, but creating film has never been cost effective or easy. No more! With these integrations, you can easily create videos that can be promoted instantly via HubSpot to help amplify your marketing efforts. Animoto offers templates specific to inbound marketing campaigns. Vidmob offers a whole network of video creators for your outsourcing needs. Powtoon allows you to quickly create compelling marketing animations. Be sure to check them out. We're thrilled to have all three as Connect Partners.

Brightcove, TwentyThree, and Viewbix — For the marketer with videos.

Already have videos for your marketing strategy? Then you'll want to check out these new integrations. Brightcove and TwentyThree both have hosting, marketing, and video analytics solutions so you can stay on top of how your videos are performing -- and all that data syncs with HubSpot contact records so you can take marketing action on video insights. The Viewbix integration allows you to add your HubSpot forms to your Viewbix-enabled video players and then share those interactive players across your marketing channels.

AdEspresso by Hootsuite — For the social media marketer.

With this integration, HubSpot users can upload their contact lists directly into Facebook's advertising ecosystem and immediately target them with advertising via AdEspresso. You can easily retarget existing contacts or target net-new prospects to help bolster your lead generation numbers.

Let us know what you think of these integrations. Know of any other technologies you’d love to integrate with your HubSpot account? Email us at connectmarketing@hubspot.com.

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Written by Alec Biedrzycki

Al Biedrzycki is a Principal Tech Partner Marketing Manager at HubSpot.

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