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The Complete List of September 2017 Product Updates

Written by Jeffrey Vocell | Oct 3, 2017 4:00:00 PM

INBOUND 2017 just concluded, and, with it, we now have a lot of new product updates to talk about — this is our biggest product update of the year.

Here's your one place to learn about all of the product announcements from INBOUND 2017. 

Let's dive right in.

New in HubSpot Sales

Introducing HubSpot Sales Professional

Professional sales teams need advanced tools to help them meet their goals. HubSpot Sales Professionals delivers all the tools sales teams need to supercharge their sales engine.

Here are just a few of the capabilities within HubSpot Sales Professional:

  • Organize every detail of your prospects and customers with automation. We've taken a version of our automation and built it into our sales tools. So you can automate all of the standard tasks your team needs, so they have more time to sell.
  • Integrated meetings, sequences, templates, and a lot more right at your fingertips.
  • Predictive lead scoring can deliver the best leads right to your sales team so they're talking with your best leads and closing more customers.

The price of Sales Professional is $50/mo right now but will be increasing on November 1, 2017. To learn more about Sales Professional, go to

Announcing Conversations in HubSpot CRM Free

When people want to talk, it's clear they want to chat. But chat goes beyond just your website and extends to every channel and every department within your business. Conversations helps you and your team have one-to-one conversations with customers across multiple channels.

Conversations will be coming in 2018, but here are just a few of the ways it can help you:

  • See and respond to messages from prospects and customers in a central shared inbox.
  • Pull in conversations from social, CRM, messaging, and any other channel so any member of your team can participate in the conversation.

Learn more about conversations and get HubSpot CRM free here.

Announcing the Customer Hub

The Customer Hub is coming in 2018. It allows you to extend the power of Conversations in HubSpot CRM Free into your business' customer service. Using the Customer Hub, you can extend inbound to customer service, and succeed because your customers do.

The Customer Hub will help you take everyday conversations and escalate them into cases that can be managed. For more information, or to get notified when the Customer Hub is available, check out

New in HubSpot Marketing

Get more traffic with less content using Content Strategy

The way people search today has changed. We no longer search using just keywords, such as "restaurants Boston," yet our content creation process hasn't evolved. While this has been happening, search technology has also evolved and now understands the relationship between words and groups terms into topics. Because of this, the way we create content needs to change and focus around building influence within topics.

Content Strategy can help you do that, no matter if you have a lot of content today or are starting brand new. 

Learn how to create effective content in this modern era of search with Content Strategy.


Track and measure your marketing campaigns within HubSpot

Your work makes a huge impact on the business. But the reality is: It's meaningless if it can't be measured, and as long as your end-of-month revenue goal was hit, then sales gets all the credit.

With HubSpot Campaign Reporting (in beta), you can connect your widest-reaching initiatives to the metrics that matter the most: traffic, conversions, and most important, revenue.

Head over to the blog post here to learn about the new Campaign Reporting and dive-in.


Convert leads from Facebook using Lead Ads

Everyone in the world is on Facebook, or one of their properties (WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram). These networks dominate the time spent online and recent studies show, on average, we spend 50 minutes of our time on Facebook everyday. With this in mind, Facebook created a new mobile-first ad unit called Lead Ads, which pre-fill information about the user based on information shared on Facebook.

The Lead Ads integration with HubSpot is available in HubSpot Marketing free and all paid subscriptions of HubSpot Marketing, as well. 


Tee up Instagram posts right within HubSpot

Instagram has seen incredible growth over the past few years and now has over 700 million users. This means more of your target audience is spending time browsing photos and interacting with brands there.

As a result, we've built an easy way to create and schedule photos and video to publish on Instagram right within HubSpot. Once scheduled, this system will remind the selected user within the HubSpot mobile app to publish the post. 

This integration will be coming to beta in the coming month, and for more information read the full post here.

Native Shopify Integration & Ecommerce Bridge

HubSpot Marketing customers now have access to a new, HubSpot-built integration with ecommerce leader Shopify. When connected, you can easily use your online store data to inform sales and marketing.

With this integration, you can use the power of HubSpot's automation for ecommerce, and run capabilities such as abandoned cart nurturing, order processing, and more. In addition, you'll be able to bring orders into HubSpot as deals, which lets you track purchasing patterns and customer LTV. 

Request an invite to the beta and find our more about the native Shopify integration and ecommerce bridge.

Turn ideas into content with HubSpot Collect

The research and writing of content is disconnected. Like many, you probably have dozens of tabs open when researching content and then have to manage this maze of ideas into a perfect blog post. But now there's a better way. With HubSpot Collect, you can clip ideas from around the web and store them directly within HubSpot so they're all available as you write.

In addition, Collect makes it easy to "push" a Google Doc into HubSpot as a blog post draft. All images and major formatting come over with it, so no more spending hours on formatting — it's all handled for you.

Collect is a Chrome extension and requires a HubSpot Marketing Basic, Pro, or Enterprise subscription.


That's it for September. For more information on each of these, checkout To learn more about product releases instantly, subscribe to the product updates blog.