The team at Yoga International is one of HubSpot’s first and most active users of Service Hub. As a business they are committed to creating a customer-driven flywheel that fuels growth and they are using customer feedback in Service Hub to do it. By focusing on the customer and the insights they provide, Yoga international has:

  • Decreased customer churn by 20%.
  • Added 5% of customer base to their refer-a-friend advocate program. 
  • Deflected ~1,000 emails / tickets per month

To learn how they did it, I interviewed Vice President James Bake and Marketing Manager James Jennings at Yoga International. 

Building a High-Growth Community

Yoga International is a high-growth, subscription-based online yoga studio, on a mission to share yoga with the world. The high-quality and extensive yoga content on their site and app make the benefits of yoga more accessible, available, and inclusive for a wide range of people.

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Much of Yoga International’s success can be attributed to the growth of their massive network of around 300,000 yoga enthusiasts from all over the world. These yogis come back to the site both to learn and practice, already bringing with them a wealth of information— information that Yoga International has been using to grow.

As a membership site we’re always focused on reducing churn and increasing satisfaction. We know that collecting feedback from customers throughout the customers lifecycle has allowed us to achieve both. It’s what fuels our business.
 —James Bake, VP Marketing at Yoga International

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Using Service Hub to Fuel Their Flywheel

The information customers provide to the company is captured via the Feedback survey tool in HubSpot which is sent after a member joins, when they have an issue, or if they decide to leave. The team tries to respond to each member to dig into their individual feedback. Some of their methods and findings include:

  • Looking for feedback related to their technology, then using that information to improve the site, thereby lowering churn and increasing repeat visits.
  • Searching for feedback on the kind of content members love to share with their content creators to better shape their content. Better content increases the likelihood of paying customers. These customer-driven updates and improvements have reduced churn by 20%.
  • They look for customers who have issues that may lead to cancellation and solve them preemptively. This proactive outreach stops customers from leaving before it's even a consideration.
  • They also use the Service Hub knowledge base tool to provide answers to frequently asked questions. The team estimates that the Yoga International knowledge base deflects around 1,000 tickets and email inquiries per month!
  • They look for happy customers who are willing to refer friends and enter them into their advocacy program. A recommendation from a friend is the most trusted type of marketing you can produce. Yoga International has currently enrolled 5% of their customer base into their refer-a-friend promoter program.

“15 days after you join the site we send you an NPS survey asking how likely you are to refer a friend. From there, we try and respond to every single [response], positive and negative. And if there is an issue we try and solve it. Same with positive feedback, we listen to what people like, and pass that onto our creators to help improve the content they produce.” 

As customers of HubSpot since 2015, they have used both the HubSpot CRM and Marketing tools to grow. However, when it came to collecting feedback valuable to their system, Yoga International had to use a set of tools disconnected from their system. It was an easy decision for them to start using Service Hub for all their service needs, including feedback collection.

While the team leans most heavily on the Feedback tool in Service Hub, they also use Tickets as part of an automated help desk that allows them to organize, track, and meet customer expectations. Yoga International uses the Knowledge Base to guide customers to help themselves. 

“Knowledge Base is awesome. There are some new features we’d love to see but it’s easy to use and very familiar since we already we use HubSpot. A very short learning curve!” - James Jennings, Yoga International Marketing Manager

Yoga International is a great example of how a being laser-focused on your customers' interests and building a flywheel around them can grow your business. Their commitment to engage, guide, and grow their customer base has given Yoga International strong momentum with their flywheel and created a legion of happy customers.

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Originally published Nov 15, 2018 8:00:00 AM, updated July 08 2019