Writing a kickass bio for XWhether you're a business executive in a large corporate environment, the CEO of a rising star company or a solopreneur wanting to grow your first startup, you wouldn't dare to skimp on your resume. In fact, many hire professionals to write their resumes... it's that important.

Yet most Twitter users completely neglect their "twesumes", or Twitter bios. Nearly 650 million people actively use Twitter on a regular basis. In a sea of Twitter users, it's important that you do everything you can to stand out from the crowd and catch people's attention.

Your Twitter bio is an effective way to do that. But how do you cram an entire resume into 160 characters? How do you make yourself shine like a diamond with just a handful of words? These tips will help you write a kickass Twitter bio that effectively helps you meet your goals, whether you want to increase your followership, convert followers to buyers or both.

Twitter Bio-Writing Tips

1) Provide the Nitty Gritty. People need to know who you are, what you do and why they should be interested in you. Use words and short phrases, such as "John Smith, Entrepreneur, Small Business Blogger, Antique Toy Collector".

2) Consider the Audience. While focusing on the essentials, allow your personality to show through to attract followers.

3) Maintain Your Focus. Everything in your Twitter bio, from your words, background and photo should be focused on your purpose for being there. If your Twitter account is for business, keep everything zeroed in on business.

4) Make Yourself Easy to Find. Always lead would-be followers or potential customers to your website, blog or other social media page by including a link in your Twitter bio.

5) Keep Your Priorities Straight. There are many facets to your life; as tempting as it can be to share them all, keep your priorities straight. A business-focused Twitter bio is not really the place to share your hobbies.

6) Include Keywords. Use keywords that tie to your business, such as home decor, marketing, freelance writer. Consider the words people would use to search for you and use them.

The Big No-No's of Twitter Bios

7) Don't Waste Space. Save favorite quotes, favorite bands, your kids' names and anything else outside your true focus for your actual tweets.

8) Beware of Copy and Paste Errors. If you plan to use a great bio you have posted on another social media venue, ensure you don't cut any of it off while copying and pasting.

9) Use What You've Got. You've got 160 characters. Use them all or as many as possible to get the most out of your space.

10) Maintain an Effective Bio. To maintain a killer Twitter bio that grabs people's attention, you have to keep it fresh. Change information when needed. People are looking to connect with others who share the same interests or offer something (information, products or services) they want. When the details of your business or work life change, ensure that your Twitter bio reflects that.

Sharing is Caring!

Finally, remember that reciprocal behavior is expected at Twitter, just like it is with any other social media venue. Follow and retweet others as it fits with what you do to show that you're interested in what other's are doing and not just your own agenda.

This post originally appeared on ThinkHandy's Blog. ThinkHandy is a HubSpot Partner located in Fort Worth, TX. 

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Originally published Apr 15, 2014 10:00:00 AM, updated November 13 2023


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