HSBlog30-Tip28From January 2-31, we are challenging everyone to blog more to see firsthand the results that blogging can generate. Participating companies should submit their blog URLs on this page to enter the challenge. Winner(s) will receive a complimentary ticket to INBOUND 2014 and be featured on the HubSpot Inbound Marketing blog.

Today's blogging tip is brought to you by Craig Rosenberg, Co-founder and Chief Analyst of TOPO:

"How to use crowdsourcing to create credible, compelling blog posts in an hour:

  1. You want to come up with a topic for your post. For example, 'X TIps for Effective Inbound Marketing.'
  2. You want to identify 15-20 people who would be valuable contributors to the post. These people can be internal employees, thought leaders, experts, and customers. I tend to use thought leaders because it is a great way to attract their following to the post.
  3. Send them an email asking them to answer a question in 1-2 sentences: 'What are your 1-2 tips for effective inbound marketing?' Make sure they understand that their contribution will receive attribution, etc. Also, put a deadline on the email. Sending 1-2 sentences is so easy, most people contribute within an hour.
  4. Publish your post by aggregating the contributions. Make sure you provide attribution with links to their social profiles.
  5. Alert all the contributors that their post is up and they will likely share on your behalf.

In an hour or two, you have created a multi-contributor blog post with new ideas and perspectives for you readers. These types of posts have been incredibly popular on my blog, with high traffic and social shares."

Did you blog today? If yes, submit to the challenge!

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Originally published Jan 29, 2014 6:00:00 AM, updated February 01 2017


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