30_day_blog_challengeAttention all 30-Day Blog Challenge participants! It's the day you've all been waiting for. We're excited to announce our three 30-Day Blog Challenge winners.

First off, let's give a big round of applause to all of the participants. We had 1,062 companies participate in the challenge and saw some really phenomenal results from their blogging efforts. Even if you aren't one of our winners, we're thrilled to see your success in growing blog traffic and leads through this challenge.

Now, without further ado, here are our blog challenge winners (in no particular order). 

Varonis: The Metadata Era

The Varonis blog is about big data, IT operations, security, and technology. It's not easy to write engaging and exciting content about this industry -- and yet, Varonis does a fantastic job at making the content interesting and easy to read for people who aren't necessarily in or familiar with the industry.

For instance, here are some examples of its blog posts:

Varonis' blog post titles pull you in (I may not know what cryptography is, but I definitely want to know why it's on life support), and the blog content itself keeps you engaged and interested.

Oh, and did we mention Varonis' blog saw amazing results from the challenge?:

  • 36% more leads
  • 168% increase in blog traffic to a total of 16,220 page views
  • Over 6,000 page views for one blog post

Congratulations, Varonis!

Too Cool T-shirt Quilts: All About T-shirt Quilts Blog

How many topics do you think you could come up with about creating T-shirt quilts? Andrea Funk showed us she was more than capable of finding unique angles to cover on her blog, as she wrote one post every day during January as part of the Blog Challenge on her Too Cool T-shirt Quilts' Blog

Andrea started off by using HubSpot's Blog Topic Generator but soon found that the more she blogged, the more topic ideas easily came to mind. And her content is fascinating.

On the blog, Andrea covers everything from different types of T-shirt quilts (for example, "A His & Her Quilt and College Quilts"), to the history of T-shirt quilts, to what Miley Cyrus and T-shirt quilts have in common.

Not bad for a one-person operation, right?

Andrea told us, "My blog quality improved. As with anything, practice makes you better. Writing a blog a day did that for me. The time it takes to write a blog has been cut in half, while the quality has gone up."

In addition to improved quality, Andrea saw improved metrics:

  • 109% more leads
  • 388% increase in the number of blog posts written
  • 52% increase in blog traffic

Congratulations, Andrea!

Marketplicity: Web Design & Digital Marketing 

As its blog name denotes, Marketplicity's blog focuses on web design and digital marketing -- but the content isn't just your regular design and marketing content.

On the blog, you'll find posts about eye-opening marketing experiments ("My Facebook Campaign got 28,000 Impressions – It was a Total Failure"), to in-depth survey results and commentary, to analysis of major studies.

The results from Marketplicity's blogging efforts? Pretty fantastic, if you ask us:

  • 80% increase in blog traffic (including 2,758 unique visitors)
  • 79% increase in page views to a total of 4,321 page views
  • 61% increase in organic search traffic
  • 20% increase in social traffic
  • 400% increase in email subscribers

Check out more of Marketplicity's results by reading its 30-Day Blog Challenge Recap post.

Congratulations, Marketplicity!

To all three of our winners, look out for an email from me to award your free INBOUND ticket. If anyone else is interested in tickets for this year's INBOUND conference, pre-order them for a discounted price before February 13!

What did you learn from the 30-Day Blog Challenge? Share your takeaways with us in the comments.

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Originally published Feb 7, 2014 6:00:00 AM, updated February 01 2017


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