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Everything You Need to Know about Ad Agencies

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Why You Don't Need Agency Experience to Launch an Advertising Agency

We’ve all heard LeBron James talk about how he wants to be a tight-end in the NFL. People laugh at that. The youngsters don’t remember Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson played two sports. We underestimate...Read more

From Polish to Peanut Butter: 16 Products Launched by Ad Agencies

Agencies have within their walls some of the most brilliant creative and strategic minds. But these creatives are subject to the volatile business of agencies — project work that comes and goes,...Read more

Get to Know the 15 Largest Independent Ad Agencies in the U.S.

It seems like every other week there is a headline announcing the merger or acquisition of another independent agency — Campfire, La Comunidad, Hawkeye, Covario, and Pitch — to name just a few. In...Read more

What You Should Consider Prior to Launching an Ad Agency

Thousands of ad agencies open and close every year. And according to the SBA, while about 600,000 new businesses start every year, 626,000 businesses close! Although ad agencies represent only a...Read more

Ad Agency Positioning: 13 Companies That Have Found Their Focus

Positioning has become an industry buzzword. But that doesn’t mean it is without merit. There are thousands of agencies — many of which offer the same services, promise similar results, and are...Read more

4 Purpose-Driven Ad Agencies and How It Has Defined Them

Why do you get up each month, brave the teeth-grinding commute, and put in more than eight hours at a job each day? If it weren’t for the money, what would you do with your time? You work in...Read more

6 Attributes Clients Look For in an Ad Agency Partner

In the U.K. alone, there are 26,000 marketing and related service providers. That makes selecting a new agency partner somewhat of a challenge for clients, especially when it comes to recognizing the...Read more

The Advertising Agency Networks and Associations You Need to Know

Running an agency can be lonely business. But it’s not the type of lonely you feel during a remote hike at dawn. It’s the type of quiet in the eye of a tornado, everything swirling and swarming...Read more

Ad Agencies: Your Blog Stinks and Here's Why

Ad agencies, your blogs stink. I know, because a majority of you say your blog’s not effective. Before you turn your nose up and click away, hear me out. After all, you want clients lining up to do...Read more

The Advantages of Being an Independent Ad Agency

Creativity often requires freedom. When you have a hierarchical structure, it can be easy to feel as though there is always someone watching over your shoulder and directing your every move. In...Read more

Analytics and Ad Agencies: Fad or Future?

Unfortunately, many agencies that don’t get big data analytics are still using old school research models and brand planning techniques to help protect what they are being paid for. This can range...Read more

Ad Agencies and the Art of Contact

Designing a compelling advertising agency website is a complex proposition. There are multiple objectives and target audiences: future and current clients and employees, pitch consultants, the press...Read more