shh-secret-whisperA recent conversation a few of us full-time bloggers had via our corporate chat platform:

"Before I check the style guide, does anyone remember if we capitalize the word my in headlines?"

"Yeah. It's a pronoun ... right?"

"I don't remember what it is, but I know it's capitalized."

"Yeah ... I don't remember what anything is called in grammar. #blogconfession"

Then the light bulb went off: Hey, we may not technically remember what part of speech the word my belongs to off the top of our heads, but that doesn't mean we don't ultimately use it right. And you know what? We have a ton of other little confessions like this. And I bet a lot of our readers would relate to them. 

So I gathered my fellow HubSpot bloggers and content creators, and we had a little confession session that resulted in the following list. I'm not gonna lie -- it was very therapeutic. I invite you to join in on the therapy by tweeting the confessions you can relate to using the hashtag #blogconfession, or sharing your own in the comments below.

(By the way, our hunch was right. The word my is a pronoun being used as what's called an attributive adjective. Just to, you know, drop some grammar knowledge on you.)

25 Confessions From Full-Time Bloggers and Content Creators

1) "I often Google words to make sure I'm spelling them right." (Tweet This Confession)

2) "Some of my best blog post ideas come to me when I'm in the shower ... or at other inopportune times." (Tweet This Confession)

3) "I frequently have to reference HubSpot's in-house written style guide -- despite the fact that I was one of its main creators." (Tweet This Confession)

4) "I learned basic HTML by hacking my MySpace background to be pink and sparkly." (Tweet This Confession)

5) "I only recently weaned myself off using Microsoft Paint for creating calls-to-action and other visual content." (Tweet This Confession)

6) "I think most of the content from self-proclaimed 'thought leaders' is total bullshit." (Tweet This Confession)

7) "Writing for a company publication is really, really hard." (Tweet This Confession)

8) "I think BuzzFeed has some of best content on the web." (Tweet This Confession)

9) "If I've been blogging all day, I'll intentionally start slipping in Mean Girls references just to make things more interesting." (Tweet This Confession)

10) "Some of my most creative writing comes after I've had a drink ... or three. My editing? Definitely after a big cup of coffee the next morning. In fact, we have a saying on the content team: 'Write drunk; edit sober.' We're only half joking when we say that." (Tweet This Confession)

11) "Sometimes I'm tempted to publish crappy content because I just don't feel like arguing back and forth with contributors anymore." (Tweet This Confession)

12) "Sometimes when I'm searching Google, I come across a how-to blog post I've personally written on the very subject I'm searching for. Then I get worried about my memory." (Tweet This Confession)

13) "I purposefully make way too many stupid jokes and pop culture references when writing ... and then let the editor figure out what's actually funny." (Tweet This Confession)

14) "Sometimes I get really naughty and use incorrect grammar/usage on purpose to make a point ... and it feels really good." (Tweet This Confession)

15) "My writing heaven is being hunched over on my couch with a cup of coffee while wearing my high school basketball sweatpants, having not eaten any food or even showered in a few days." (Tweet This Confession)

16) "Truism: Great design covers up mediocre ideas." (Tweet This Confession)

17) "Our in-house written style guide has totally crept into my personal writing -- even tweets and random emails to my mom." (Tweet This Confession)

18) "I used to hate critical comments, and even fear them. But then I realized that sometimes the haters are actually right." (Tweet This Confession)

19) "Sometimes I write whole paragraphs just to be able to fit in a word like 'kerfuffle' or 'malarkey.'" (Tweet This Confession)

20) "Blogging has conditioned my brain to think only in terms of lists and subheaders, like 'X Ways to Tell Your Husband He Needs to RINSE the Dishes Before Putting Them Into the Sink.'" (Tweet This Confession)

21) "I secretly still like Google's Blogger platform ... it's like the Little Tikes/Fisher Price version of WordPress." (Tweet This Confession)

22) "I never ever want anyone to know what words I've looked up in the dictionary." (Tweet This Confession)

23) "Every day, I worry that I've run out of good ideas." (Tweet This Confession)

24) "I find terrible writing to be reassuring. It's job security." (Tweet This Confession)

25) "I worry that content marketing will eventually become as abhorred as advertising." (Tweet This Confession)

Have a content confession of your own? Share it in the comments or tweet it using the hashtag #blogconfession

Originally published Mar 4, 2014 11:44:00 AM, updated February 01 2017