In the social media marketing world, marketers reminisce about the times where they could fill up on organic reach a lot like my parents reflect on their college years -- those were the good old days.

The real world flipped most people's life upside down when they graduated from college, but social media’s purge of organic reach flung marketers on a spinning teacup ride.

With almost 3 billion social media users today, millions of brands have promoted their content on these platforms for years. But the popularity of social media has flooded each platform with hoards of articles, photos, and videos, skyrocketing the supply of content while the demand for it has plateaued. This has decimated the amount of opportunities that brands can leverage to interact naturally with their fans.

Needless to say, social media marketing is a pay-to-play strategy now. And one of the most effective ways to leverage paid social media advertising is by boosting your posts.

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How to Boost a Post on Social Media


1. Pick an existing post on your Facebook Business Page that you want to boost.


2. Click “Boost Post” on the bottom right corner of your Facebook post.


3. Choose your audience.

Before you boost your Facebook post, you can either distribute your post to a recommended audience that Facebook will make for you or create a new audience based on a robust set of targeting options and distribute your post to them.

4. Set your boosted post’s budget and duration.

Your budget is how much money you’ll spend to boost your post. Your duration is how long you’ll boost your post for. Facebook will estimate how many people your post will reach based on your budget and duration.


1. Click the “Promote” button at the bottom of your post.


2. Pick a goal.

Before you boost your post, Instagram will ask you whether you want to attract more profile visits, website traffic, or promotion views. Whatever your goal is for the specific post you want to boost, make sure you choose the option that best aligns with it.

3. Choose an audience.

After choosing your goal, you can pick from three different targeting options: Automatic, Local, and Manual. Automatic tells Instagram to target people who are just like your followers, Local lets you target people in a specific location, and Manual lets you target specific people, places, or interests.

4. Set your budget and duration.

Instagram will estimate the expected reach and clicks that your post will attract after you set your post’s budget and ad duration.


1. Click “View Tweet Activity” at the bottom of your Tweet.


2. Click “Promote Your Tweet”.


3. Choose your targeting.

Twitter’s targeting is less sophisticated than Facebook’s and Instagram’s. You can only target based off location, like country, state/province/region, or metropolitan area.

4. Set your budget.

After setting your budget, Twitter will estimate the amount of impressions and engagements your boosted Tweet will attract.

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Originally published Apr 26, 2019 7:00:04 AM, updated January 20 2022


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