Everything You Need to Master Email Marketing [Listly]

Ginny Mineo
Ginny Mineo



email-inbox_copyWhen you're new to marketing, I'd argue that tackling email marketing is one of the hardest things you'll do. Most of the other digital marketing channels -- blogging, social media, landing pages, etc. -- all have easy-to-find examples that can help inspire and inform your own marketing strategies.

Email is a bit different. Because of the way email opt-ins work, it is much harder to learn email marketing through examples -- you've got to be subscribed to a company's email list already to receive an email from them. While I know we're all grateful to not receive mountains and mountains of email spam, the opt-in process makes it so you really need to read up on email marketing to do it right.   

But where should you go to do that, you ask? If you're looking to get started with email marketing or improve some of the basic skills you have already, check out the resources listed below. It's a special type of interactive list -- upvote and share the resources that help you the most to help your fellow marketers find the most engaging content for them. 

So go on, get clicking, upvoting, sharing, and learning!

What else do you want to learn about email marketing? Share your questions and comments with us below.

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