Facebook's Latest News Feed Algorithm Update Rewards Brand Tagging

like-1With over a billion active users, most businesses accept, even if it's begrudgingly, that they should be on the selfie-laden network. But one question still remains for many marketers: How do I get people other than my mom to Like or Follow my Facebook Page?

Well, one way to grow your reach is to publish really interesting stuff to your Timeline so that you show up in the News Feed a lot. That way, new people see your content and learn who you are. 

And luckily, Facebook just made an update to their News Feed algorithm to make that whole process a little bit easier. On February 24, Facebook announced that they'll be rewarding brands that tag other brands in their updates by potentially showing that update to not just your own page's fans and followers -- but the tagged brand's fans and followers, too.

Here's what it looks like, using an example of HubSpot and Evernote:

So that update could potentially show up to fans and followers of both HubSpot and Evernote in the News Feed. Even HubSpot fans and followers that don't Like or follow Evernote, and vice versa. 

Notice I'm saying "could potentially" -- that's because not every update is guaranteed to make it into the News Feed. Remember, Facebook's algorithm picks and chooses what to show in the News Feed, trying to select the most popular content to surface. But this update still presents a great opportunity for brands to get their name in front of new audiences ... potentially huge audiences that pale in comparison to their own fan base ... just by thinking about how their business aligns with others in the marketplace.

But don't get too excited and go all tag crazy. Facebook's using some common sense to determine whether your fans and followers would actually want to see something another brand tags you in. Let's use that embedded post above as an example. If a lot of people who Like or follow HubSpot also Like or follow Evernote, Facebook recognizes that the two pages are connected in some way -- and if a lot of people who Like or follow HubSpot and Evernote also Like or follow that post up there, then Facebook thinks maybe that it's a good choice to show to Evernote's audience.

With those rules in place, this is a great opportunity for businesses with truly complementary product and service offerings to mutually benefit from one another's audiences. So co-marketers, go ahead and rejoice!

What do you think of this News Feed update? Are you annoyed you might start seeing updates from brands you didn't Like?

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