20x Your Traffic Using Pinterest: 3 Strategies Jenna Kutcher Swears By

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What if I said it would take just one hour a week to 20x the traffic to your website?

It’s true. Most entrepreneurs and content creators spend around 20 hours a week planning, writing, posting, and marketing for their businesses.

Hours invested, precious time spent, and creativity used to get our work in front of the right people. Our goal isn’t only to create and market – we want to see results from our efforts.

Free Resource: 12 Pinterest Templates for Business

If time is our currency and we’re brilliant investors, the hours we spend on marketing must move the needle. We can’t risk our well-crafted content never getting to our audience because it lives and dies in a 24-hour algorithmic cycle.

So, how do you ensure content that drives value long after you hit publish? Enter: Pinterest.

Pinterest: My #1 Organic Traffic Generator

People are often surprised to find out that the #1 organic traffic driver for all of my content is Pinterest. Eight years in, and my team’s Pinterest strategy is simple and yet massively effective!

Eight years ago, I was just using it to plan my dream life: the perfect capsule wardrobe, that chicken piccata recipe (that I still haven’t made), and my dream home.

I’ll never forget the day I met my first virtual assistant, Caitlyn. We were sipping lattes when she asked me, “How are you using Pinterest?

I outlined all the ways I was using it as my favorite inspo board when she interrupted and asked me again, this time emphasizing how I was strategically using it. The truth was, I wasn’t.

I didn’t even know it was something that could support me or my business! It turns out her hunch was right: people were on Pinterest searching for the content I was already creating for my business.

With just a tiny bit of strategy and one hour a week, we started getting eyeballs on my hard work and new traffic to my website. Now, Pinterest gets us over 3 million views a month and is the #1 way we drive organic traffic to my website; And it still only takes me an hour a week.

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    Pinterest is not social media, it’s a search engine.

    Are you someone who has been overlooking the power of Pinterest? If so, you’re not alone. Most think it’s something akin to social media because it’s always lumped in with the tiny Facebook and Instagram graphics on websites.

    But it’s not social media, it’s a search engine. Once you realize that, it changes how you use it and how you contribute to the platform.

    Add content to Pinterest that drives people to what you’re doing on other corners of the internet, like your website, blog, or virtually any site that you own. Pinterest wants to connect people to what it is they are searching for.

    So, when you realize your dream clients are already active on Pinterest, typing words into a search box that you have the answer/product for, you start to use it differently!

    There are a few simple Pinterest habits I’ve cultivated that you can implement in just one hour a week to 120x your content’s lifespan.

    3 Ways to 20x Your Traffic Using Pinterest

    1. Don’t reinvent the Reel.

    First, stop trying to reinvent the wheel. Take advantage of the content you already have by creating pins that drive traffic to content and offers already available on your website.

    Repurpose old social media posts, blog posts, freebies, and even emails. Pull content from wherever you’ve got it! Even though you posted that Reel on Instagram over two years ago, it might be just what you need to kickstart fresh traffic to a new paid offer on your website.

    JK Tip: Curious about how Pinterest can work for your specific business? Fine-tune your strategy with The Comprehensive Guide to Using Pinterest for ANY Business Type!

    2. Use keywords to expand reach.

    Next, let the words guide you.

    Pinterest is a highly visual platform (and, yes, the quality of your visuals does matter) but using the right keywords is crucial to getting those visuals in front of your target audience.

    Type your keywords into Pinterest’s search bar, and follow up with a word or two about your content. Pay attention to how the search bar auto-populates and pull those terms as keywords in your own pins. More people will find your solutions and land on your website.

    JK Tip: Learn more in-depth tactics you can use to drive traffic with Pinterest on this episode of the Goal Digger podcast: How to Get a Longer Lifespan with Your Content

    3. Let your pins do the heavy lifting.

    Last but certainly not least, work smarter and not harder. It’s faster and easier to create promotional graphics for a piece of content than to create the content itself.

    Get creative and strategic by making 10 Pins that point to just one piece of content. Then, wait for the data to tell you which Pins work best.

    This encourages you to see your paid offers, freebies, and articles with fresh eyes.

    From there, you can split-test different promotional assets without the risk. Ask yourself how you can take just one piece of content and present it in 10 different ways.

    Don’t feel pressure to be a design pro, either. We love and use Canva templates to make our content and the Pin-creation process easy.

    JK Tip: Watch exactly how I do this in my FREE masterclass: 20x Your Traffic in Under an Hour a Week Using Pinterest (without paying for ads!)

    Don't overlook the power of the Pin.

    Overall, the best part about using Pinterest in our marketing ecosystem is that it streamlines and simplifies all of our efforts. We don’t feel pressured to churn out new content every week.

    Instead, we’re discussing new ways to discuss what we’ve already created. We spend just one hour a week scheduling Pins to drive traffic to our website for six months — and sometimes even years.

    It’s time to learn how to maximize your creative work, time investment, and traffic by simplifying your content marketing approach (no matter what business you’re in).

    Too many marketers overlook Pinterest for the powerhouse that it is and can be for you. I know you might be hesitant to add another platform to your strategy, but Pinterest can be the secret weapon that drives explosive growth to your business.

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    Create click-worthy Pins in minutes with the help of these PowerPoint templates.

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