Happy Holidays From HubSpot! We've Got a Gift for You

Ginny Mineo
Ginny Mineo



happy_holidaysHappy holidays from the team here at HubSpot! Since our offices are closed today for Christmas, we decided to celebrate by giving back to our lovely readers -- that means you. 

Today, we'll be giving away free customizable holiday ecards. Use them to send your customers or clients a last-minute thank you card, thank your fans on social media for following you, or heck, as a thank-you card for your mom. They're 100% yours to use and repurpose. Click here to download them and get started. 

And while we have you here, we couldn't help but make one of the holiday ecards to thank you for being an awesome reader of our blog: 


So go on, download the holiday ecards, and send them to someone you care about. They'll be touched that you thought to send it. 

Have a wonderful holiday, everyone!

download holiday ecard templates

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