When to Post on Instagram: A Simple Guide

Flori Needle
Flori Needle


How often you post on Instagram can affect your success on the app. Post too much and you oversaturate your audience, post too little and you can stand to lose followers (Marketers say that this is the number one reason they lose followers).

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Given that your audiences want to hear from you on the platform, creating a posting schedule that meets this desire is important. Read on to learn how often your business should be posting on Instagram.

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How Often Should A Business Post On Instagram

During Instagram’s 2021 Creator Weekend, Adam Mossieri (Head of Instagram) was asked about the ideal number of posts for businesses to make to succeed on the app. He said there was no set formula, but an ideal strategy is to share a couple of in-feed posts per week and a couple of stories per day.

A recent HubSpot Blog Survey asked the same question, and here are the responses collected from 500+ global B2B and B2C Instagram marketers.

Overall, 80% of marketers post to their feeds in their roles. When they do post,

  • 45% post multiple times per week,
  • 23% post multiple times per day,
  • 23% post once per day.

how often should a business post on instagram

The survey also asked marketers how often they post Stories, and 43% post stories multiple times per week, 23% post multiple times a day, and 23% post daily. Marketers also say the ideal number of Stories to have up at once is 4 - 9.

how many instagram stories should instagram marketers post

How To Know the Best Posting Frequency for Instagram

Coming up with the best posting frequency for your brand or business to post on Instagram involves leveraging the insights found above and experimenting, as your followers will let you know what works.

For example, if engagement tends to drop off after a certain number of posts per week, your followers are saying that you might be posting too much.

You also need to be mindful of when your followers are most active and the time zones they’re in. If you post when your most engaged audience is asleep, it doesn’t matter if you post ten times per week because they won’t be online and ready to engage when you’re trying to reach them.

Experiment with a posting schedule and use your insights and analytics to see what works and what doesn’t. Once you’ve figured out the perfect number of posts, you can stick to it week by week by scheduling your content.

Over To You

You never want to miss an opportunity to reach your audience. Aim to maintain a presence on the app that helps them learn from your business and remain excited to see what you’ll share with them next.



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