How to Generate Click-to-Tweet Links for Your Content [Quick Tip]

Anum Hussain
Anum Hussain



Want your loyal readers, website visitors, and/or employees to easily share your content through their Twitter channels? You've come to the right place.

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Creating a tweetable link is far easier than learning custom code that you have to embed into your content. It's as simple as having the right free tools and resources at your disposal.

Not sure what we're talking about? Here's a text example:

HubSpot customers with over 1,000 Twitter followers generate more than 800 new website visitors a month. [Source: @HubSpot] (Click to Tweet!)

As you can see, clicking the call-to-action to "click to tweet" automatically populates a tweet you can publish through your own Twitter account.

This post will show you how to craft a click-to-tweet CTA in either text or button form. Shall we?

How to Craft a Text Click-to-Tweet CTA

1) Navigate to Click to Tweet

First, you'll need to head over to, an awesome tool we use constantly at HubSpot.

2) Craft Tweet

Next, begin typing the copy of your tweet. Something to remember: When you paste a link into a tweet on Twitter or most third-party Twitter tools, Twitter automatically counts your link as 23 characters -- even if there are more than 23 characters in your tweet.

Click to Tweet does not have such functionality. So, you'll need to shorten your link ahead of time using bitly or HubSpot before pasting it into the Click to Tweet share box.


3) Hyperlink Text

Once your copy is all set, click the "Generate Link" button to create a custom link. Then, copy the generated link from the "Here's your URL" field and hyperlink the text you want shared.

For example, if you found this article helpful, just click here to share it! (See what I did there? ;-)

How to Craft a Button Click-to-Tweet CTA

1) Create Custom Button

First, you'll need a social media image and/or button to link to. If you don't have time to design or create one, have no fear! We have an array of pre-built social media icons in our collection of 135 free icons you can download and use in your ebooks, blog posts, and other content.


2) Craft Tweet

As per the instructions above, go to and craft your tweet.

3) Hyperlink Button

Click the "Generate Link" button to create a custom link and copy the generated link from the "Here's your URL" field. Instead of hyperlinking text, though, insert your social media icon into your blog post, ebook, or website, and simply hyperlink it with the link generated from Click to Tweet.

Here's my last chance to get you to tweet out this post ... I mean, see some examples of how this looks once all is said and done:

social-icons-15 twitter icon squaretwitter logo round twitter log square blue background

For what it's worth, I am by no means suggesting you use four Twitter CTAs in your content. Just trying to show the different options available for hyperlinking with our free icons set.

Example Use Cases of Click-to-Tweet CTAs

We've found these click-to-tweet CTAs to be incredibly helpful in our marketing. Here are some example use cases to help inspire your own usage:

1) Tweet CTAs in Blog Posts

If you're sharing quotes, stats, or even jokes in a blog post, including a click-to-tweet CTA can help the sharability of the post. This can lead to increased traffic to your content. Here are some examples from Unbounce and HubSpot blog posts:


2) Tweet CTAs in Emails

One of our email marketers recently tested this click-to-tweet concept in emails by calling them "lazy tweets." After including a click-to-tweet button in the email, we saw a significant spike in tweets about the offer the email was promoting.


3) Tweet CTAs in Ebooks

If you're putting together an ebook, whitepaper, or pretty much any PDF, you should optimize them with tweet CTAs. Here's an example button from an Impact Branding ebook and example hashtag from a HubSpot guide. (If you'd like to learn how to hyperlink for Facebook and LinkedIn, read our blog post here).


Now, wasn't that simple?

Where do you think you could best utilize click-to-tweet CTAs in your inbound marketing campaign? Share your thoughts with us below!

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