How to Use Vine: A Simple Guide to Building an Effective Social Video Strategy [Infographic]


Vine, the video-looping app released back in January 2013, has proven itself to be much more than a passing fad. As a result, many brands across all sorts of industries continue to use the platform as a visually creative way to connect with fans and followers.

But, for some marketers, Vine is still somewhat of an unknown.

The time limit is intimidating: For each Vine video, you have just six seconds to convey a message to your audience. What are best practices for planning out a six-second video? What equipment should you use? Which formats work best? How can you incorporate a call-to-action? How can you cross-promote on other social media networks?

To help answer these questions and more, check out the infographic below from SurePayroll. It'll help you perfect your Vine strategy so you can enhance your social media presence beyond photos and words.


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