"Free" Stock Photos, New Gmail Layouts, and More in HubSpot Content This Month [March Roundup]

Sam Kusinitz
Sam Kusinitz



calendarIt’s amazing how much can happen in one month, particularly in the digital marketing and tech world.

At HubSpot, we understand that the technologies that you rely on to complete your daily tasks are constantly changing.

Our goal is to help make your lives a little bit easier by providing you the information that you need to take full advantage of the ever-changing tools at your disposal.

This blog post is designed to help you catch up on some of the things we covered on our blog this month that you may have missed, so you can feel comfortable putting March in your rearview and preparing yourself for success in April.

Educational Content

How to Create a Fantastic Email Newsletter [Checklist]

Sending an email newsletter requires juggling a lot of moving pieces. If you plan on sending email newsletters next month, make sure you abide by the checklist offered in this blog post so you don’t miss any crucial steps.

7 Facebook Marketing “Tips” and “Tricks” That Don’t Actually Work

Marketers often want to see immediate results on Facebook, so it's easy to be tempted to try hacks and tricks that claim they can attract thousands of followers in a single day. However, a lot of these hacks can actually hurt your Facebook presence. In this blog post you will find a list of the “tips” and “tricks” that could do more harm than good.

How to Manage Your Marketing Budget [Free Templates]

This blog post offers a detailed description of the best practices for managing your marketing budget. The blog post also includes free templates designed to help you organize your marketing spend.

8 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging

If you’re new to blogging or looking to start a blog of your own, this post is for you. The 8 tips in this blog will help you understand what to expect when you start blogging as well as the common pitfalls you should look to avoid.

Answers to 18 SEO Questions You Were Too Afraid to Ask

In this blog post, you will find 18 SEO FAQs that will answer the SEO questions you may be too embarrassed to ask. While they are seemingly simple questions, they can still cause a lot of confusion.

Studies and Statistics

13 Sales Stats That Unveil What’s Influencing Purchase Decisions [Infographic]

The way that people buy products and services has dramatically changed in recent years. Fortunately, the folks at BigCommerce analyzed a range of ecommerce sites to provide a broader understanding of what people value when shopping online. In this blog post, discover some of the most valuable lessons from the study.

55% of Visitors Spend Fewer Than 15 Seconds on Your Website. Should You Care?

According to data by Tony Haile of Chartbeat, you’ve only got 15 seconds to capture your website visitors’ attention. In this blog post, learn more about this finding and what it means for your marketing efforts.

Study: 3 of 4 Sales Reps Have No Idea What They’re Doing

It turns out that nearly three-quarters of people who work in sales simply cannot execute, according to Kurlan & Associates. Learn the details of the study in this blog post.

Where Nonprofits Spend Their Time With Social Media Marketing [New Data]

It seems that everywhere you look, you can find a different opinion about how your time on social media should be spent. In this blog post, see the highlights of a recent survey of over 9,000 small-to-medium-sized nonprofits to see how their time is actually spent online.

News and Announcements

Facebook Updates Company Page Design and Introduces “Pages to Watch”

Facebook updated their company page design this month, saying goodbye to the confusing two-column design in favor of a slick, one-column layout. Learn everything you need to know about the new design in this post.

Getty’s New Free Stock Photos Come With a Price

As of earlier this month, Getty attempted to make it a little easier to find high-grade stock photos that are legal for almost everyone to use. However, use of their images is not free in all cases. Find out more about the new stock photos here.

Pinterest-Like Layouts Could Take Over Your Gmail Soon

Remember about six months ago when Gmail unveiled a new inbox layout introducing the 'Promotions' tab? Well, heads up marketers: There’s a Gmail field trial you'll want to sign up for right this instant. Find out how the newest features could affect the way you do email marketing in this post.

Twitter Launches Photo Tagging (Get Ready)

Twitter recently announced that you will soon be able to tag photos of people on Twitter and include up to four photos in a single tweet. Find out more about these new features in this blog post.

Quick & Easy

The Definition of a Buyer Persona [In Under 100 Words]

In this blog post, discover the definition of a buyer persona and why they are important for your business, in under 100 words.

Confessions of a Full-Time Blogger

This post offers some little confessions from the full-time bloggers at HubSpot. If you want to know what it’s really like to be a full-time blogger and you're looking for a little entertainment, this blog is both a fun and an easy read.

On Dealing with Rejection: See This Letter that U2 Got in 1979

At some point, everyone has to deal with the bitter taste of rejection. The next time you experience rejection, think back to the U2 rejection featured in this post and remember that you are not alone.

The Definition of Responsive Design [In Under 100 Words]

This blog post offers a description of responsive website design that'll take just a minute to read.

What was the most interesting thing you learned this month on Inbound Hub? What do you want to see more of?

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