Movember's Studliest Staches Share Their Fundraising Tips [SlideShare]

Corey Wainwright
Corey Wainwright



movemberToday marks the last day of November, or what has become known to many as "Movember." If you're not familiar with the relatively new month-long tradition, it's a time of year when men and women raise awareness and money for men's health issues -- specifically, prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health -- by growing mustaches and supporting the people who do.

You can learn more about Movember here, but since today's the last day of fundraising for the month, I thought it'd be nice to hear a little bit more about how some of Movember's participants are leveraging their peer-to-peer fundraising skills to donate to the cause. If you're still hoping to raise more for your own Movember campaign, check out some of these tips from your fellow Mo Bros and Mo Sistas.

Want to help raise money for Movember? Donate to the cause, or send a tip to a fundraising friend.

Tip #1

Just ask. A lot of people are afraid to ask their friends for support. Most likely, your friends have been waiting for an opportunity to help you out. - Adam Gerard, Movember Fundraiser

Tip #2

Remember that there could be a strong correlation between funds raised, and mustache creepiness! - Sam Moorhead, Movember Fundraiser

Tip #3

People are going to make jokes about your mustache. They're going to tell you that you "remind them" of Jack Sparrow, Ron Swanson, and Steve Zissou. Encourage this -- but tell them they have to donate if you've heard the comparison before. - Patrick Shea, Movember Fundraiser

Tip #4

Make the ask fun, have a unique hook, and use automation. - Rachel Sebell, Movember Fundraiser

Tip #5

The best way to get maximum exposure is to promote social sharing across all networks. - Brian Moseley, Movember Fundraiser

Tip #6

Let your stache do the selling for you. And if it isn't a conversation starter, just talk about it non-stop until someone asks you about it. - Austin Shepard, Movember Fundraiser

Tip #7

Use eye-catching content on social. The first couple of days, the stache might be enough to get people clicking. As people get used to seeing it, creative imagery will help your donation requests stand out. - Marc Amigone, Movember Fundraiser

Tip #8

No one will donate if you just passively post links to Facebook. Get on top of people! - Morgan Jacobson, Movember Fundraiser

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