How to Network Like a Natural at #INBOUND14 [SlideShare]

Lindsay Kolowich Cox
Lindsay Kolowich Cox



Screen_Shot_2014-08-07_at_10.22.48_AMEvents like INBOUND offer awesome opportunities to connect with people in your industry, but you only have a few hours or days to do so. With such a limited amount of time, you need to make a great impression with anyone you meet. 

Think about it: The person in front of you in the lunch line could be your next partner or customer. What if you never say hello? What if you say hello, but then make some awkward comment? Not the best use of your time.

To get the most out of your experience at INBOUND or any upcoming conference you're going to, use this SlideShare from IMPACT Branding & Design as your guide to the dos and don'ts of networking. (And don't miss out on the tweetable takeaways below -- some of them are pretty hysterical!)

A Few Tweetable Takeaways

"Walking unprepared into a networking event is like showing up to a costume party without getting the 'wear the costume' memo." Click to tweet!

- Al Biedrzycki, Channel Marketing Manager at HubSpot

"Try to be in the moment with whoever you meet and go above and beyond the generic questions." Click to tweet!

- Sarah Bedrick, Program Leader at HubSpot

"If you're old enough to be at a networking event, you're too old to be getting hammered at a networking event." Click to tweet!

- Corey Eridon, Managing Editor at HubSpot

"Set aside time after every event to follow through with everyone you talked to, even if it's a quick tweet or email." Click to tweet!

- Sam Mallikarjunan, Head of Marketing for HubSpot Labs

"Random acts of kindness are my favorite ways to meet new people and have fun doing it." Click to tweet!

- Beth Dunn, UX Writer and Editor for HubSpot

"The most interesting people at events focus on listening and adding relevant and interesting tidbits to the conversation." Click to tweet!

- Ginny Soskey, Section Editor at HubSpot

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