Off-Page SEOSearch engine optimization (SEO) is all about creating content, optimizing and promoting it.  Last month, we launched the On-Page SEO service, which include keyword research and placement on pages, and today, we complete the SEO offering with Off-Page SEO or link-building service.

What is this Service?

Inbound Marketing and HubSpot Certified Partners will help you “kick-start” your Off-Page SEO efforts. The Off-Page SEO package starts at $250 and is executed over two weeks.

The service includes:

  • SEO Link Analysis: analysis of your current site's links, link text, site traffic; keyword analysis and targeting; competitor's link and text analysis, analyze top influentials for article targeting and commenting
  • SEO-Optimized Article Distribution & Commenting: distribution of an article or your webpage online; connection with top influentials for article/webpage sharing and commenting; social bookmarking of article
  • Search Engine and Directory Submission: Submission of your site to more than a dozen search engines; posting your site to select, important directories that in turn "seed" additional directories
  • Baseline and follow-up reporting: A initial report at the start of the service; and another report 45 days later analyzing the results of the service.

Why this Service?

While Google’s search algorithms are a closely guarded corporate secret rivaled only perhaps by Coke’s famous formula, it is widely understood that there are two primary factors to a search ranking:

  1. On-Page SEO … or rather, what a site “says to the search engine”
  2. Off-Page SEO … or rather, what “other sites say” about a site

describe the imageWhile a proper SEO strategy MUST include both areas to rank well for relevant keyword terms, professional search engine marketers speculate that the Off-Page SEO may have significantly more weighting within these algorithms than On-Page factors, as much as 60-70% or more.

Thus, the most important factor in getting found by search engines and ranking for keywords is the number of inbound links to your site, and the "quality" of those referrers, which this service aims to improve!

About the HubSpot Service Marketplace

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Originally published Jun 25, 2010 11:53:00 AM, updated March 17 2021