Pinterest Adds 'Place Pins' Just in Time for Black Friday

Corey Wainwright
Corey Wainwright



pinterest-hq-1Pinterest is really doubling down before the holiday season! First it launched its Now-Trending tool, and now I hear it's rocking a new feature to help add some location-based elements to the network.

Yesterday, Pinterest announced the release of Place Pins, allowing Pinterest users to map their pins to certain locations. "Every day people pin about 1.5 million places, and now there are more than 750 million pins of these destinations on Pinterest," Pinterest shared. The company saw this as a huge opportunity, and though it positioned the release more as a benefit for travel planners (I get it, I have a travel board myself), I see great application for local businesses, too.

Just in time for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, Pinterest! Good call, Pinterest. Good call, indeed.

The Rundown on Pinterest Place Pins

(Say that three times fast.)

Place pins can be accessed on both desktop and mobile, and include information about a location like address, phone number, and directions. Users are able to create an entire board full of Place Pins by simple selecting "Add a map" when creating a new board, or editing existing boards to allow maps. Pinterest is even letting multiple users collaborate -- great for any local businesses trying to make their shop a destination. (Like, say, at 3AM on Black Friday?)

Here's an example of what one of the new boards utilizing Place Pins looks like:


See all those pins (they're next to the super sexy orange Microsoft Paint arrows)? Those are pin recommendations from people! And if you click one, something cool like this happens:


Clicking on those pin locations takes you right to a pin that describes the location and what's so cool about it.

If you're a local business on Pinterest, this is a great opportunity for you to promote your locations, especially for the upcoming holiday sale days. So, what are you waiting for? Time to get pinning!

Fun Fact: Our own Katie Burke is over at Pinterest HQ right now and was kind enough to send the featured image at the beginning of the post from her visit. Looks like a cool office!

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