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roundupKeeping up with the latest big trends in technology, social media, and marketing can seem like an arduous task -- even for the most experienced marketers. Updates keep popping up left and right for Twitter, Google, Facebook, and the like. Meanwhile, new tech is always emerging on top of that, which could also prove to be advantageous for many.

Spending time, energy, and resources to keep up with all of these changes and developments can be quite difficult. Leave it to us, though, to keep you in the know about all of the vital things you need to know.

Kick back and relax on this Sunday (one that feels more like a Saturday for many of us) and check out some of the latest social media news, tips, etc. that we've covered these past several days.

Pinterest Lead Generation 101: Best Practices and Hacks That'll Make You a Pro

You may have mastered the art/science of securing a deluge of leads via Facebook and Twitter ... but what about Pinterest? Are you employing best practices when it comes to prospecting there? Take some time to comb over our tips for lead gen for this growing social media channel, including how to most effectively optimize your pins.

Meet Objective-Based Ad Buys: Facebook's New Consultative Ad Dashboard

In other major social network news, Facebook -- you know, that site a billion people use? -- announced a new feature aimed to become marketers' new best friend. Objective-based ad buying and reporting, as the site is calling it, was developed to help marketing pros determine which ads they're best-suited to implement and assist them in tracking page and post performance. Read up on how the King of Social keeps getting more business-friendly by the day.

Blog SEO for the Modern Marketer: How to Optimize Your Posts

Though Google threw a curveball that many-a-marketer didn't see coming, one thing remains the same with the search engine conglomerate: what it considers to be best practices for SEO. In case you've forgotten some of these practices when it comes to blogging, set aside a few minutes to relearn how to make your posts as SEO-friendly as possible -- from URL optimization, to social search, and everything in between.

Your Graphs Look Like Crap: 9 Ways to Simplify and Sexify Data

Digital presentations can fall flat if constructed and displayed in a boring, complicated manner. When presenting data to your team and managers, you'll want to make it look phenomenal ... right? To give your PowerPoints a top-notch aesthetic and make the data in them easy-to-read, read some advice on how to make your graphs and charts stand out. (Hint: Less is more.)

State Department's Senior Tech Advisor Discusses Marketing, Social, and Emerging Technologies [Q&A]

Our own Anum Hussain was able to spend time and speak with Shahed Amanullah, the State Department's Senior Technology Advisor, who provided her with some pretty in-depth and poignant views on the current state of the tech world, where it's headed, and how marketers and businesses are (and should be) reacting to emerging tech, including changes related to social. You can read the entire Q&A here!

What was the most interesting thing you learned this week on the HubSpot blog? What do you want to see more of? Leave your feedback in the comments!

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