100 Essential PPC Statistics Every Marketer Needs to Know in 2023

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Aimee del Principe
Aimee del Principe


The crown weighs heavily on the head of your marketing leadership when making command decisions about resource allocation. The SEO long game is important, but reserving a budget for search engine marketing (SEM) can also be a smart play, including pay-per-click (PPC) marketing.

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Snagging higher spots on SERPs can quickly boost traffic, and PPC strategies have been proven to increase conversion. How can a marketer confidently decide how much money to put where, and is it time to convince the finance team to boost the budget?

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Backing up your decisions or budgetary requests with data is a smart move. To that end, we’ve compiled a long and useful list of PPC — on both search and social — and SEM statistics that marketers can use in 2023 to guide and validate important strategic choices in their marketing plans.

Table of Contents

Search PPC Statistics

Social PPC Statistics

Search Engine Marketing Statistics

User Behavior Statistics

Paid Search Statistics

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