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July 4, 2013

16 Examples of Totally Ridiculous 4th of July Stock Photography

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yankee-doodle-doggiesThe 4th of the July. Independence Day. The day we Americans fire up the grill, crack open a few cold ones, watch fireworks displays, and laugh at ridiculous 4th of July-themed stock photos.

No? Well, there's always room for a new tradition. 

We wanted to give you something light and fun today, since it's a day for celebration. And since our first foray into the exposure of awful stock photography was so well received, this seemed like a slam dunk. 

So without further ado, here are some of our favorite examples of truly absurd 4th of July-themed stock photography. Just please don't misconstrue this as us being unpatriotic ;-)

16 Examples of Ridiculous 4th of July Stock Photography

1) You know what I like to eat with my apple pie a la mode? Confetti.


2) Let's see how much food and people we can cram into this teeny tiny table!


Woman sitting at right: "Those hot dogs totally aren't going to fit on this teeny tiny table."
Guy in back: "Umm ... guys? Is there room for me and my pitcher of ice water?"

3) The perfectly patriotic pose.


4) Diverse American teenager flag fail.


All American. Not all smart.

5) Chihuahuas: the epitome of American patriotism. 


6) This one's called "Family laughing at 4th of July barbecue." It should've been called "Family terrorizing crying baby."


7) "American Dream"


I wonder how long she's been standing like that.

8) Watermelon Snafu


"Hey mom? I think you accidentally gave us slices from the watermelon that was soaked in vodka."

9) Doesn't this American flag look great with my outfit?


10) Why don't we ask our panel of "Yanky doodle doggie" judges ....


11) And among an entire genre of patriotically provocative stock photos, this one's called "American Grrrl!"


"Don't tell my parents I pose nude for awful, patriotic stock photography porn, or else I'll poke you with this patriotic toothpick."

12) Not to be upstaged by her male counterpart, "American Boy Butt" ...


American Boy Butt's photo description: "A fit young muscular man wearing shiny blue briefs with an American flag in them." So accurate. Wouldn't it be great if that was someone's actual search term? Quite the long-tail keyword.

13) This guy should take some advice from the girl in #9 about the right way to accessorize with a flag.


14) How many stars and stripes are there on the American flag, you ask? Let me count! One .... two .... three .... 


15) Don't stare at her for too long, or Uncle Vito back there will totally mess you up.


16) Description for this one: "Patriotic clown with beer and flag. Don't forget to doodle your Yankee ... or Yankee your doodle." Is that some kind of innuendo?


The only thing worse than a clown is a patriotic clown.

We hope this gave you a chuckle today. Which stock photo did you find most ridiculous? Have a happy 4th of July!

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