Should You Buy the Apple Watch? [Flowchart]

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Erik Devaney
Erik Devaney




It's been a whopping five years since Apple unveiled a new product line: the iPad. So, needless to say, Apple fans are chomping at the bit to get their hands on the latest piece of hardware from the tech giant: the much-anticipated Apple Watch.

Well, the day has finally come. It's rumored that Apple will unveil the Apple Watch at their event this afternoon. It will come in three distinct varieties: one with a standard stainless steel casing, one with an aluminum casing, and one with an 18-karat gold casing. You can also choose between two sizes: 38mm or 42mm casings. Finally, you can pick from a few different bands, including the "Classic Buckle," the "Sport Band," and the "Milanese Loop."

Now, if you've already made up your mind that you're buying an Apple Watch, I'm sure you have the specifc style you want all picked out. (And if not, Apple's website has you covered).

But for the rest of us who may be on the fence about whether buying an Apple Watch is actually worth it, we've put together this handy flowchart. So, without further ado ... should you buy an Apple Watch?



To learn more about how the Apple watch is made, check out this episode of The Growth Show.

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