slideshare_logoThis morning, SlideShare announced an exciting new feature: users can now include fully optimized infographics on their SlideShare accounts. Before, users could technically upload infographics as a document, but the viewing player wasn't optimized properly for the content. We're thrilled about this new feature. Finally, one of the hottest types of visual content will be easy to upload, view, embed, and share from SlideShare! 

The best part about this update is that there's not much new to learn, and you can get right to the good stuff: a better viewer experience whenever you upload infographics to SlideShare. It's just as easy to upload your file, embed them on your blog or website, and share them on your social networks as it is with presentations.

The only feature we wish were available for infographics that is currently available in other media formats is the ability to include clickable links. With clickable links, it would be so much easier for marketers to create interactive infographics -- without a drop of help from the IT department. *Crossing fingers that SlideShare considers this feature in the future.*

But without any further ado, here's what an embedded infographic looks like (featuring our History of Marketing infographic): 

Why You Should Care

Visual content is hot -- and infographics have long been the sexy approach to visual marketing and storytelling. Creating them can be key to growing your audience, as mixing in visuals with your usual text blogging can attract a very distracted digital audience much quicker. In fact, according to AnsonAlex, publishers who use infographics grow in traffic an average of 12% more than those who don't. So if marketers want to take advantage of this trend to grow their traffic, they need easy ways to create and distribute infographics. 

This is where SlideShare's infographic capabilities come in. While SlideShare alone can't help marketers create infographics, it can be a hugely effective channel to distribute them and extend reach into SlideShare's built-in audience. (If you need help creating infographics, we have five free PowerPoint templates you can use.) 

Bonus: Since SlideShare is owned by LinkedIn, content that does well on SlideShare is often distributed to LinkedIn's audience as well (usually through in the LinkedIn sidebar).

Basically, if you can create engaging, original content on SlideShare, you have a huge opportunity for increased reach, traffic, and leads. Pretty sweet deal for marketers if you ask me. 

How do you think you'll use SlideShare's new infographic capabilities? Share your ideas with us in the comments!

Image credit: DigitalRalph

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Originally published Jul 25, 2013 12:45:00 PM, updated July 28 2017