49 of the Best Snapchat Drawings We've Ever Seen

Lindsay Kolowich Cox
Lindsay Kolowich Cox


Adding a caption, emoji, or even a cool filter to a Snapchat before shipping it is usually enough to satisfy a Snapchatter's creative needs. And that's perfectly fine. There are plenty of people and brands doing really cool things on Snapchat without going all "Van Gogh" on their pictures and videos.


But there are also people who prefer to go that extra mile when it comes to dressing up their Snaps.

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You see, Snapchat lets you draw on your pictures and videos before you send them to your friends or your Story, like this:


Image Credit: Mashable

While most of us (myself included) use Snapchat's drawing tool for crude drawings and scribbling extra words, there are folks out there who see this as an opportunity to create incredible works of Snapchat art. And some of them are really darn good at it.

We searched far and wide for the best Snapchat drawings out there and created the list below. This collect serves as a mix of artwork from "professional Snapchatters," brands, and just normal folks who happen to be really good at drawing on their phones.

Check 'em out, and get ready to be inspired to create your own Snapchat art. You may not become the next Picasso ... but you might at least make someone laugh. (And read this blog post to learn more about how to use Snapchat, including a detailed look into HubSpot's own Snapchat strategy.)

Looking for Things to Draw on Snapchat?

Check out 49 of the funniest and most amazing Snapchat drawings we've ever seen, below. Included on this list are some of the easiest (but still awesome) Snapchat sketches you can draw yourself, and what you'd need to nail it.

Funny Snapchat Drawings

1. Presidential pals.

Funny Snapchat drawing of U.S. presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln

Image Credit: emgarber

2. On cloud nine.

Funny Snapchat drawing of two people touching Coca-Cola bottles together with the hashtag #TasteTheFeeling

Image Credit: Snapchat Mi

3. Plug puns.

Funny Snapchat drawing of electrical outlets with hats and mustaches with the caption "Shocking"

Image Credit: emgarber

4. SWIM!

Funny Snapchat drawing of shark from Jaws to promote Shark Week

Image Credit: Dbatsnap

5. Can this be real life?


Image Credit: @geeohsnap

6. Saving the world one Snap at a time.


Image Credit: Dbatsnap

7. The name's Gatsby. Jay Gatsby.


Image Credit: Michael Platco

8. It was him!


Image Credit: @geeohsnap

9. Another year older, another year wiser?


Image Credit: emgarber



Image Credit: @geeohsnap

11. This guy is more excited than you.


Image Credit: Tech Insider

12. He's in it for the marshmallows.


Image Credit: Dbatsnap

13. Yo, what'd you do to my eggs?


Image Credit: @geeohsnap

14. We mermaid for each other <3


Image Credit: Smosh

15. Mad (cat) scientist.


Image Credit: Tech Insider

16. No, I am the walrus.


Image Credit: Dbatsnap

17. Hmm. Just humans.


Image Credit: @geeohsnap

Amazing Snapchat Drawings

18. Ahhhhhh zabenyaaaa.

Amazing Snapchat drawing of Rafiki holding Simba from The Lion King

Image Credit: Snapchat Mi

19. Ah! Get it off of me!


Image Credit: @geeohsnap

20. Oh hey there.

Amazing Snapchat drawing of Donald Duck

Image Credit: Tech Insider

21. Getting abstract.


Image Credit: Dbatsnap

22. This needs a caption contest.

Amazing Snapchat drawing of dog with features from mythical creatures

Image Credit: @geeohsnap

23. That right angle though...

Amazing Snapchat drawing of hand drawing dotted line over New York City bridge

Image Credit: Dbatsnap

24. Oh hey, Bacchus.


Image Credit: Snapchat Mi

25. Better than Ellen's Oscar selfie?

Amazing Snapchat drawing of Ellen Degeneres

Image Credit: Tech Insider

26. Once you go Dunkin', you never go back.


Image Credit: Dbatsnap

27. Single and ready to flamingle.


Image Credit: Dbatsnap

28. Squad goals.


Image Credit: thetrinitykiller4

29. To the Alps, by unicorn!


Image Credit: Snapchat Mi

30. Hey there, lil guy.

Amazing Snapchat drawing of frog on coffee cup

Image Credit: Dbatsnap

31. Seeing dots.


Image Credit: Tech Insider

32. And then I woke up.

toxic-waste-snapchat.jpg dinosaurs-into-birds-snapchat.jpg

Image Credit: Michael Platco

33. Feel FRIDA call me.


Image Credit: Dbatsnap

34. Are we sure this is a drawing?


Image Credit: Dbatsnap

35. Getting literal.


Image Credit: Michael Platco

36. That eye will haunt my dreams.


Image Credit: Reddit

37. Mer wine, please.


Image Credit: Dbatsnap

38. Better than a face tattoo.


Image Credit: Dbatsnap

39. Do you want to build a snowman?


Image Credit: Snapchat Mi

40. The deep blue sea amber ale.


Image Credit: @geeohsnap

41. Go fish.


Image Credit: Dbatsnap

42. Un-BEAR-ably cute.


Image Credit: @geeohsnap

Easy Snapchat Drawings

43. Making breakfast a little more interesting.

Colors needed: black, white, blue, pink

This drawing would be easy to recreate on your own because it uses just four colors, and bases most of its artwork on the words at the top and the actual photo of bananas at the bottom.

Easy Snapchat drawing of bananas in pajamas

Image Credit: Dbatsnap

44. You've got a friend in me.

Colors needed: brown, red, blue, black, tan, yellow, orange, white

Many Disney characters are pretty easy to draw on your own -- even on Snapchat. With a little crosshatching on the sleeves and a fine-pointed stylus to draw the hat, you can turn yourself into Woody from Toy Story, as Michael Platco did, below.

Easy Snapchat drawing of Woody from Toy Story

Image Credit: Michael Platco

45. He asked for it, amirite?

Colors needed: yellow, blue, teal, pink, green, red

Here's another Disney character -- or rather, couple -- that you might also find to be a simple Snapchat project. The next time you catch your friend sleeping, pull up this awesome picture of Snow White (on the left) or Aladdin (on the right), and redress him in the basic garb of our favorite prince and princess.

Easy Snapchat drawings of Snow White and Aladdin

Image Credit: Smosh

46. Tigers are the best princess sidekicks.

Colors needed: teal, blue, yellow, white, orange, black, gray

Jasmine, from the movie Aladdin, is yet another Disney character whose outfit can quickly take shape on a photo of your body. As you can see, below, the blue dress and black hair are as basic as they come. Her tiger, Rajah, might take a finer stylus and a bit more time to sketch.


Image Credit: Snapchat Mi

47. Rock climbing.

Colors needed: white, gray, tan

Get really good at drawing cartoon eyes, and the rest of this quirky Snapchat practically draws itself.


Image Credit: emgarber


Colors needed: red, orange, yellow

The helmets of Spartan warriors might look heavy and impressive on the movie screen, but they're one of the easiest things to draw onto your own head in a Snapchat. Add some yellow shine to an orange face mask, and use your index finger to slice some red flare across the top.


Image Credit: Smosh

49. You can stand under my umbrella.

Colors needed: black, pink, gray

Notice how blue isn't included on the list of needed colors above? The raindrops in the Snapchat drawing below are actually Snapchat stickers. Select them from the app's sticker menu, scatter them across your screen, and all you have to do is carefully draw the rounded edges of the pink umbrella.


Image Credit: Snapchat Mi

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