The CMO's Guide to Marketing Org Structures [SlideShare]

Jay Acunzo
Jay Acunzo



The old playbook is broken, consumers are in control, and technology has enabled more marketing innovation and accountability than ever before.

Today's marketing leaders have heard that story, and many of them have been busy adapting their team's strategies to match that new approach to the modern consumer's purchasing process.

But this all raises an important question that still needs to be answered: As marketing leaders adopt new approaches to address the modern buying process, how should we structure our marketing teams to align with that shift? 

We dove into this question recently, only to find a surprising lack of documentation on the subject (save for an insightful SlideShare by Mindjet CMO Jascha Kaykas-Wolff). So we reached out to some of today's most innovative CMOs to learn how they structured their marketing organizations -- with an aim to shed light on the way modern marketing orgs should look and operate.

We received generous contributions from top executives at Forrester Research, ZenDesk, Atlassian, GitHub, and Rue La La, as well as Jascha and HubSpot CMO Mike Volpe. We invite you to take a look at the various structures -- from the "Elastic Org" and the "Inbound Org" to the "Funnel-Focused Org" and the "Customer Org" -- and share with others who may benefit from the insights:

Want to talk more about different ways to structure your marketing organization? Contribute to the conversation in the comments, or on Twitter via #CMOPOV. You can also tweet Mike Volpe directly with your take on the report @mvolpe.

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