Twitter Testing Automatic In-Stream Image Previews on, and Other Marketing Stories of the Week

Desmond Wong
Desmond Wong



twitter_birdsThere’s been a lot of buzz about social media this week, especially around social search and visual content. Companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Microsoft have all made some great new additions to their features to improve the social experience for their users. Some of these new features might not have come as a surprise, but we’re certain they’ll give marketers a leg up on their campaigns and strategies. So to make sure you get that leg up on the latest and greatest in marketing, here's what happened this past week.

Facebook to Review Which Pages and Groups Can Show Ads After Complaints About Inappropriate Content, The Next Web

After a huge controversy last month about Facebook's ad content policy, the social network is cracking down on which Groups and Pages are able to display ads alongside their content going forward. This upcoming week, Facebook will manually remove ads from Pages and Groups that feature controversial, violent, graphic, or sexual content. 

Marketers everywhere, rejoice! With these new changes, you won't have to worry about your ad appearing next to controversial content that your brand wouldn't support. Instead of spending time getting out of sticky situations, you can focus on really getting a return on your Facebook ad investment. Learn more about Facebook's review process at The Next Web.

Bing Experiments With Social Search by Adding New Bing Boards to Search Results, From Search Engine Land 

This week Bing announced that it is adding a new social element to its search pages called Bing Boards. Curated by bloggers, experts, and social influencers, Bing Boards will display a collection of images, links, and videos to the right of Bing's organic search results. According to Bing, the Bing Boards could be curated about a variety of topics including politics, hobbies, social issues, and pop culture. 

With Bing’s new Bing Boards, marketers will have another opportunity to improve their search results rankings if they are chosen to be featured. Since there is no algorithm to increase the chance of being featured, marketers should focus on creating original and creative content (as always). Microsoft also mentioned that Bing Boards are just the first of several new social and community experiments coming in the near future -- so marketers should keep an eye out for them in case they present new marketing opportunities. Learn more about Bing Boards at Search Engine Land

Watch Out, Amazon: Square Moves Into Ecommerce, From Mashable

It seems as if Square is looking to take on Amazon in the ecommerce space. After having been quite successful in the mobile payment systems space, Square launched an online marketplace where merchants can open up virtual stores for free -- however, Square will take a 2.75% cut of every item sold.

With so many brands migrating to the virtual marketplace, Square’s ecommerce venture will offer another marketplace for companies to explore. We don’t know if Square will really be able to take down a giant like Amazon, but it does indicate a trend that retailers are moving away from physical stores. And this is great news for marketers -- with a virtual store, it's much easier to track the conversion path throughout your entire marketing funnel. Learn more about Square's marketplace at Mashable. 

The Ecommerce Marketing Guide to Facebook, Free Ebook from HubSpot

Marketing for ecommerce companies isn't like marketing for brick-and-mortar shops -- with different business needs, ecommerce shops need a personalized marketing playbook. If you're an ecommerce business struggling with making the most of Facebook, you should check out our most recent ebook offer. We’ll show you how to plan your Facebook strategy, direct fans to your website, and turn leads into customers so you can hit the ground running with your ecommerce marketing efforts. Download the ebook today!

LinkedIn Gets a Little More Watchful, Now Tells You Who’s Viewed Your Updates, and Where You’ve Been Looking, From TechCrunch

LinkedIn has been making some design changes over the past few months. This week, the social network added two new features that could be extremely useful for marketers ... but might end up being a bit creepy as well. The new enhancements to the LinkedIn homepage will include a “Who’s viewed your updates” section, which will allow you to see the performance of your updates and details on which profiles have viewed your status updates. The second addition is the “You recently visited” section, which tracks the personal profiles you have viewed while browsing through LinkedIn.

These new enhancements are great news for marketers. Not only can you get an idea of which content resonates with your LinkedIn connections, but you can also use the new features to identify new business opportunities with leads and customers. Maybe someone views your profile after they commented on your latest blog post -- and if you notice that that happened, you could take your professional relationship to the next level. Learn more about LinkedIn's update at TechCrunch.

Twitter Testing Automatic In-Stream Image Previews on, From The Next Web

With visual content on the rise, it’s about time Twitter started integrating visual content more seamlessly within the social network. This week, a few Twitter users have been included in a test roll-out of automatic in-stream image previews. The new feature removes the need to click on a tweet to see a posted image. Although a number of third-party apps already offer the feature, will hopefully be rolling this out soon to improve its user experience.

For marketers and brands, this means that visual content will play a much heavier hand in attracting and engaging Twitter users. Text tweets are much easier to glance over and less appealing than an in-stream image, so marketers should step up their visual content creation game if Twitter decides to roll out this new feature to everyone. Learn more about Twitter's experiment at The Next Web.

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What other stories did you hear about this week that we didn't include?

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