What People Read This Week (in Between Watching World Cup Games)

Sam Kusinitz
Sam Kusinitz



world_cup_soccerThe most socially shared blog posts from this week span a wide variety of topics. Among them you'll find everything from visual content tools, to interview questions and corporate business babble, to social media obsessions and World Cup tweets. 

If you have some extra time this weekend after watching the final games of World Cup 2014, take a look at the posts below to see our most popular content from this week and catch up on anything you may have missed. 

Bye-Bye Brainteasers: 9 Interview Questions You Actually Should Ask Candidates


When you're interviewing people to join your team, you have to try to find out who the candidates truly are as both professionals and as people. To help give you some ideas for the next time you’re interviewing candidates, this blog post offers nine interview questions you should be asking candidates.

No Photoshop? No Problem: 10 Visual Content Tools for Beginners


Design isn’t something that all marketers feel comfortable doing, likely because they don’t know how to use the tools at their disposal. This blog post identifies ten design tools that all marketers can use to create beautiful visuals.

The History of Our Social Media Obsession [Infographic]


In order to use social media to drive business results, it's important that companies pay attention to the way social media demographics are growing and changing. Take a look at this blog post to discover a number of facts and statistics that you should know about how social media usage is changing.

The World's Worst Business Babble Translated Into Human Speak


Ridiculous business babble continues to infect corporate-speak. This blog post identifies a number of examples of awful corporate business babble that you should stay away from, and it also offers suggestions for what you should say instead.

#BrazilvsGermany Most Tweeted Sporting Event in History: Here Were the Top Tweets


The semi-final World Cup game between Germany and Brazil spurred a record-breaking number of mentions on Twitter with 36.5 million tweets over the two-hour match. Check out this blog post to see some of the most popular tweets from the record break World Cup game.

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