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June 19, 2013

What You Need to Know This Morning: June 19, 2013

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sleeping cat newsIf we were playing a game of Truth or Dare right now, and I choose "Truth," and your question was "What are you doing right now?," my answer would be "Sleeping."

That's a lot of what-ifs, but it's my way of telling you that today is day one of a three-day staycation that I am so excited for. But it's also my way of showing you that I love you, dear reader. I wrote this roundup before I left with all the need-to-know stuff from the past 24-ish hours. (And seriously, this first one is like ... need to know stuff.) So hope you enjoy it!

1) Dumb Ways to Die

Ads can work -- they just have to have something that makes their existence worthwhile. To do that, they often tell a touching or hilarious story. Both the Google commercial we featured in yesterday's roundup and this local public service announcement for Melbourne's metro system did just that. This commercial has been making waves -- it recently won the Grand Prix in PR and direct marketing categories. Oh and it also has 50 million YouTube views since it was released last November, and has decreased metro deaths by 20%, according to Business Insider. And yes the tune will absolutely get stuck in your head. Talk about a successful ad campaign!


2) But Many Are Still Shying Away From Ad Spend

Okay, so "Dumb Ways to Die" was a good ad, but it doesn't mean more marketers are spending money on ads. That's right, the trend toward less ad investment is worldwide. A report by eMarketer shows the ad spending growth is slowing down year over year, with only a 2.8% growth in ad spend on major media this year -- and they point to regional economic woes for the slow growth. For our friends in Dublin, eMarketer also predicts that Western Europe will continue to drag down overall worldwide growth, even if the region itself does increase a bit.


3) How About a Little Headline Science With Your Coffee?

Headlines are a bit of a guessing game, and the kicker is that the headline that works best on Twitter might not work on, say, Facebook. Our social media scientist Dan Zarrella has done some research on it, but we always tell people "You have to experiment with it yourself!" (Ughhh what a buzzkill.)

But someone actually like ... went and tested it. It was Leo Widrich at Buffer, and he shows you how you can test it for yourself. Check it out.

4) It's Been About a Week. How Are the Millennials Doing?

According to our post last week, they sucked. Yesterday, they wouldn't buy your cars but they really liked them -- I don't think there was any moral judgment assigned to that, but maybe there was some implied. Today, there's some data on how they will act this summer thanks to an infographic from Fluent Group Consulting Engineers -- -- though the jury's out on whether their actions will suck. Spoiler alert: Their work-life balance is out of whack, and it's keeping sites like OkCupid, Chat Roulette, and Whisper (Really? Whisper?) in business. Check out the infographic on visual.ly for more data tidbits.

5) Google's New Search Feature

Google rolled out something called "Carousels" on tablets in December, and now it's rolling Carousels out to us dinosaur desktop users. This is what the new feature looks like:


Basically, when you perform a local search now, Google will show an interactive "carousel" like that at the top of the page -- for U.S. users only. This will make it more important for local businesses to collect online reviews, get good images of their business, and, of course be on Google+ in the first place -- because all this pulls from your Google+ local page. Thanks to Marketing Pilgrim for breaking the news!

6) Laziest Guy Ever Replaces Office Space as Most Apt Reference for Hating Work on Mondays

You know what's almost as bad as Mondays? Hump Day. (Not that kind, the Wednesday kind.) It seems like it should be Friday already and the name "Hump Day" is kind of annoying, you know? 

This guy totally knows. This lazy airplane loader, as Gawker puts it, is the "living embodiment of Monday." If you're bringing even like, half of his amount of effort to the table today, feel real good about yourself.

Share your favorites stories from the past 24 hours that I missed in the comments below! 
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