What You Need to Know This Morning: June 5, 2013

Dan Lyons
Dan Lyons



2218475995_90ca204fe1Happy Wednesday, marketers. Thanks to your overwhelmingly positive response yesterday, we're going to keep this post theme going.

A lot has happened in the last 24 hours, and not all of it has to do with people being shocked by whatever is happening with Game of Thrones. So sit back, sip your coffee, and catch up on the news.

1) Amazon Ad Sales Surging

Amazon is anticipated to generate $835 million in ad revenue this year, eMarketer reports. That will be a 37% jump in net ad revenue from 2012, which was up 45% from 2011. Most of these ads are the ones that pop up when you search for a product on Amazon ... which kind of surprised us. Who knew Amazon's ads were doing so well?


2) Microsoft Ad Biz Hurting

You know how everyone is always saying Microsoft is tilting at windmills trying to compete with Google in the online ad search business? They're right. Microsoft’s search ad business turns out to be worse than previously believed -- by a lot. eMarketer just slashed its Microsoft ad revenue estimates in half. The previous estimate was for Microsoft to do $1.84 billion in net search ad revenue this year; now it’s $890 million. If you're still not convinced of Microsoft's stunted growth, compare it's anticipated market share to Google's for 2013: Google will control 74% of this market; Microsoft, 4.6%. Moral of the story, marketers: Microsoft's ad search business is the pits. 


3) Google Hates Deceptive Sponsored Content

Google continues its crusade against sponsored content, warning news publishers (again) that they must start separating sponsored content (aka native advertising) from the rest of their content or risk being banished from Google News. Google warned us in a blog post a few months ago that “Google News is not a marketing service,” and if you’re caught trying to sneak sponsored links and content in with the legitimate news, it “may result in the removal of articles, or even the entire publication, from Google News." In this video, Head of Google’s Webspam Group Matt Cutts calls the tactic “deceptive" and promises to “keep taking strong action” against it. For us, Google's beef is with non-disclosed sponsored content that transfers SEO juice -- not with quality sponsored content as a whole.  

4) Long Read: Business Lessons from Airbnb and Uber

Uber and Airbnb both get blasted as being “illegal,” but the real reason people hate on them is because both companies are disrupting decrepit business models -- taxis in the case of Uber, and hotels in the case of Airbnb. On Forrester's CMO Blog, VP and Principal Analyst James McQuivey argues that these disruptors are “coming under fire because they’re using cheap technology and existing resources to make their customers' lives dramatically better, one positive experience at a time. That’s the real issue here, and it’s the one companies of any size should focus on." It’s a long read, but worth bookmarking for later to read in full.

5) May the Force Be With Your Brand

Nerds are getting ready for the second annual Course of the Force, "a Star Wars-themed Olympic-styled relay" that goes from Skywalker Ranch in northern California down to Comic-Con in San Diego, and this year big brands are jumping all over it, AdWeek reports -- revenue has already increase fivefold over last year. Who would have guessed that being a nerd would make you popular with marketers? 

6) Marketing Win: One Wipe Charlies

That crazy dude who created Dollar Shave Club is back with a new product: butt wipes for men called One Wipe Charlies. And of course he’s made another wacky video. It’s either hilarious or disgusting (and maybe a bit of both), depending on your point of view, and the venture lends itself to bad puns about "becoming number one in number two." Warning: If you’re eating breakfast, you might want to watch this later.

And finally, what you all have been waiting for ...

Glasshole of the Day


You knew it was only a matter of time. Damn dogs think they’re so freaking cool.

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