Who Wore It Best? Marketing Campaigns Edition [SlideShare]

who-wore-it-best-ssThe beauty of the marketing industry is that every campaign is different from the next. Each one has a unique challenge and a different end-goal, resulting in a different look, feel, and message for each individual campaign. When running your own marketing campaign, it can be hard to discern the elements that separate a good campaign from a great one.

That’s why we think you should play "Who Wore It Best?: Marketing Campaigns Edition."

In the SlideShare below, we’ve split up campaigns into four different categories -- video, integrated, web/gaming, and social -- and matched them up against one another. The results are based on the performance metrics of each campaign, overall success of the product, and ... well ... just a dash of opinion.

Check it out for yourself! :)

It takes a lot of time, effort and money to run a marketing campaign. To ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck, it’s important to realize the elements of a great marketing campaign. So, consider taking a cue from these great campaigns in this SlideShare.

What do you think of our choices for winners in the SlideShare above? Agree with our conclusions? Disagree? Let us know below!

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