Why We Are Proud to Be a Boston Company Today

Brian Halligan
Brian Halligan



boston-skylineThe Boston Marathon has long been an event that celebrates human triumph. All of us who are proud to call Boston home toast the dedication and spirit of runners and volunteers who have traveled from around the globe for the world's oldest annual marathon. The day began with the anticipation and excitement of a typical Patriot's Day, and we here at HubSpot talked about our friends, colleagues, significant others, and family members who were running, cheering, and volunteering along the Marathon route in celebration.

Yesterday ended very differently. There is an entirely new meaning to heartbreak at the Boston Marathon, and it shook everyone here at HubSpot and throughout New England to the core. Before we return to our blog's regular content, we wanted to take a moment as a company to express our sincere condolences to everyone impacted by yesterday's tragedies.

The events of yesterday will not define who we are as a city. The heroism and bravery we celebrate each year on Patriot's Day were embodied yesterday not just by the volunteers, runners, first responders, medical professionals, and bystanders who came to the immediate aid of people injured or killed. They were embodied in the tens of thousands of people who offered food, showers, rooms, and assistance to stranded runners and visitors. And they were reinforced by the kindness, compassion, and consideration expressed to all of us in Boston from around the world.

We will continue to mourn what happened yesterday, to ask why, and to help our neighbors and friends impacted recover from the tragic events that transpired. But today more than ever HubSpot is proud to be a Boston company because we are surrounded by incredible people who, even in the most horrific time, will stop at nothing to show compassion, kindness, and courage.

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