13 YouTube Description Templates That Have Helped Our Videos Go Viral

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Erica Santiago
Erica Santiago


With 2.5 billion active users, YouTube is an undeniably important channel for your marketing efforts. Knowing how to optimize your YouTube channel can help you increase your chances of discoverability and reach more people.

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As both a YouTuber and HubSpot‘s resident creator economy expert, I know a lot about YouTube and how to go viral on the platform. So, believe me when I say it’s not just keywords you have to think about.

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Creating engaging YouTube descriptions is one of the most important tactics for optimizing your YouTube channel. We'll discuss creating compelling descriptions for your YouTube channel and videos here.

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YouTube Channel Descriptions

YouTube channel descriptions are a little like the About Page of a website. It appears under the “About” tab of your channel's YouTube page.

Your YouTube channel description conveys to potential viewers what your content will cover, including the issues you tackle and the communities you serve. You'll be able to add this when setting up your YouTube channel.

Take a look at my YouTube channel's description as an example. Notice how I introduce myself, state the kind of content viewers can expect, and reference my target audience.

I also have links to other platforms connected to my channel, such as Instagram, X, TikTok, and my website.

As YouTube creators, our primary goal is to attract and turn viewers into subscribers, often using the channel description. With that in mind, use keywords your intended audience would use to search for your content.

See how “anime” is used multiple times in my channel's description.

Free YouTube Description Templates

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    YouTube Video Descriptions

    Every YouTube video includes a description that can be found under the viewport of the video.

    It's crucial that each of your YouTube videos include a unique description to increase the likelihood of your video being found when someone is searching for a particular topic.

    As a YouTube content creator, I always craft my video descriptions knowing they can attract and convert an audience. So, I always optimize my video descriptions for SEO — and you should, too.

    Keep reading if you‘re unsure how to start crafting compelling YouTube descriptions. I’ll explore tactics you can employ and provide templates to ensure you have everything you need to excel on YouTube.

    1. Use YouTube description templates. [Free Prompts]

    HubSpot compiled several YouTube video description templates to help your business provide context to your viewers, rank better in search, organize your team, and link to relevant web pages on your site.

    Download These Templates for Free

    2. Explain your content.

    My colleague, Caroline Forsey, spoke with Eric Peters, a Senior Growth Product Manager on HubSpot's Academy team, to explore the best tactics for writing YouTube descriptions.

    He said, “[YouTube descriptions] are one of the primary ways YouTube knows what your video is about. Include links, additional resources, links to other videos and playlists, etc. Make sure the description box is easy to read.”

    Peters explained that your YouTube video description and closed captioning should incorporate keywords into your description.

    It also helps with accessibility for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Hence, adding closed captioning to your videos is essential for accessibility.

    For instance, take a look at one of HubSpot Marketing's YouTube video descriptions:

    A YouTube description differs from a web page meta description. Content creators explain the entire video in a YouTube description and even link to external resources.

    Peters says:

    “You get 5,000 characters total, so make use of it. YouTube creators use asterisks or all-caps to differentiate titles from body copy because it's all plain text.

    Consider writing up a text version of the key points from the video, or even copying the transcription and paste it into the description.”

    Most of my most recent YouTube videos consist of interviews from my podcast.

    So, I‘ll often save time by writing out the description I’d use for my podcast episode that would appear on Spotify or Apple Podcasts, then copying and pasting the same description into YouTube.

    I‘d then tweak it to include more keywords or important links to other platforms. I’ll also customize my YouTube video description with the bold, italic, or strikethrough options at the bottom of the description box.

    For information, click here.

    3. Include a call-to-action (CTA).

    Your YouTube description is a fantastic opportunity to ask viewers to continue engaging with your channel or find additional resources to help them learn more about a topic of interest.

    For instance, let's say I create a brief “How to Add Filters to Instagram” YouTube video, but I also have an in-depth “How to Use Instagram for Marketing” blog post. Why not link it in the description?

    Most likely, anyone watching my Instagram video on YouTube would be equally grateful for the opportunity to learn more through a blog post.

    Perhaps I simply want to ask viewers to subscribe, turn on notifications, or share my content with their networks. These are all acceptable CTA's for a description.

    Personally, I always include a call to action in my YouTube video descriptions, telling viewers to follow my other social media accounts, subscribe to my blog, or listen to my corresponding podcasts on other platforms.

    Experience has shown me it's best practice to format the description so that the most critical information is first.

    Peters advises, “The first 200 characters are above the 'more' fold on the description box, so if you want your CTA/link to be seen by most people, keep it within the first 200 characters.”

    After the first 200 characters, the text will be cut off, and viewers must click “Show more” to see the rest. I know I don‘t always click "Show more" when watching a video, so your audience likely won’t either.

    Therefore, you must count your first 200 characters.

    4. Add your personality.

    A YouTube description should be fun and demonstrate your brand's personality with a unique voice. Unlike traditional forms of advertising, this is an opportunity for you to instill creativity and humor into your content.

    Brian Dean's YouTube channel is an excellent example of this. His YouTube descriptions often mirror the way he speaks. I enjoy his descriptions because they are candid and casual, and he makes it feel like he's writing to a friend.

    Consider checking out HubSpot Academy's comprehensive YouTube Marketing course to learn more about using YouTube for marketing purposes.

    5. Use timestamps to make videos scannable.

    Including timestamps in your video description can make your video more user-friendly and help your content rank well on search engines.

    YouTube video timestamps appear within search results, improving user retention by directing users to the most relevant portions of videos from SERPs.

    Users can search for keywords in your video's description and click on a thumbnail on the SERP to view the portion of your video that answers their search query.

    Image Source

    Free YouTube Description Templates

    Free templates to help you plan and promote your YouTube videos.

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      YouTube Channel Description Examples

      Every YouTube channel description should allude to a specific niche or central theme. You want to tell your audience what they will learn from your channel.

      This will give them a reason to tune in to your channel, subscribe to it, and continue learning from you and your videos.

      Additionally, when you add your niche to your YouTube description, your audience can more easily find you in a sea of potentially similar creators.

      1. Wes McDowell

      Image Source

      Wes McDowell's YouTube channel targets viewers in the digital marketing niche. The channel description mentions its mission: teaching small business owners digital marketing strategies they can use to grow their businesses.

      The description also lists topics the channel will feature in its videos, invites viewers to subscribe, and describes its benefits.

      Why I Love It

      This YouTube channel description is clear and direct. It details what viewers will get when they come to the channel. This description also describes the marketing strategies and techniques viewers will learn.

      Clarity goes a long way in making a channel easily searchable and rankable on YouTube.

      2. Yoga With Adriene

      Image Source

      Yoga With Adriene‘s YouTube channel description highlights one of the channel’s main values: inclusion.

      The channel description mentions that everyone is invited to participate and learn more about yoga through her videos, regardless of their skill level.

      The description also recommends videos that beginners can watch to become familiar with the content.

      Why I Love It

      This channel description is an excellent example of how a company‘s mission can be useful for video content. The description gives subscribers a glimpse into Yoga with Adriene’s values, creating a connection with the viewer.

      This angle is helpful for ranking on YouTube because it's aligned with morals and values that subscribers can easily identify with.

      I started watching Yoga with Adriene‘s videos partially because the channel description convinced me they’d be great for beginners (and they are!).

      3. Wild Wonderful Off-Grid

      Image Source

      Wild Wonderful Off-Grid's YouTube channel description positions the channel within a niche by using the keywords “off-grid,” “self-reliant,” and “building our own home” to appeal to viewers who are interested in living off-the-grid.

      The description also invites viewers to visit their online store and social media profiles.

      Why I Love It

      This YouTube channel description establishes a niche, describes the channel's content, provides background information about the creators, and encourages subscribers and viewers to participate further in their brand.

      I also love how the description also directs their audience to other aspects of their business, such as their store and social media platforms, which fosters value for their subscribers.

      4. The Pals

      Image Source

      The Pals‘ YouTube channel description introduces the channel’s creators, lists the video games the channel will highlight, and provides each creator's personal YouTube channel and Roblox username.

      Why I Love It

      This YouTube channel description focuses on the entertainment the channel provides.

      The description targets subscribers seeking gaming knowledge and mentions the creators' journeys to set the channel apart from others in the same niche and genre.

      5. Florian Gadsby

      Image Source

      Florian Gadsby‘s YouTube channel description introduces the channel’s creator and lists the topics viewers can expect to see when they subscribe.

      It also links to the creator‘s social media and newsletter and provides information about the creator’s online store, including its restocking schedule.

      Why I Love It

      This YouTube channel description takes a personal approach to the subject matter. The description gives visitors clarity about the channel's content and artistic focus.

      It also encourages viewers to interact with the creator on their social media platforms to learn more about them and view more of their content.

      6. SciShow

      Image Source

      SciShow‘s YouTube channel description introduces the channel’s creators and hints at the topics viewers can expect to see weekly.

      The description also outlines the channel's posting schedule and mentions other YouTube channels associated with the brand.

      Why I Love It

      This YouTube channel description tells its viewers when they will see uploads. This is an excellent strategy to ensure users visit the channel right when they're expecting to see new content.

      If views go up on a page, the YouTube algorithm will likely boost your channel to a broader audience. Just make sure you stay on schedule.

      I personally avoid putting the schedule for future uploads in my descriptions because mishaps happen, and I don‘t want to let my viewers down. But that’s just a personal hang-up I have.

      7. Unbox Therapy

      Image Source

      Unbox Therapy‘s YouTube channel description states the channel’s tagline, gives an overview of the channel's content, and provides a contact email for business inquiries.

      Why I Love It

      This simple channel description piques viewers‘ interest with a captivating tagline and a straightforward explanation of the channel’s content.

      It also includes an email that allows viewers to contact the creators to inquire about the business and ask professional questions about the channel.

      8. IsaWelly

      Isa-Welly's YouTube channel description immediately emphasizes her Registered Nutritional Therapist and Wellbeing Coach credentials before going into the purpose of her platform and what viewers can expect.

      What I Love: I love that Isa Welly establishes trust with her audience by highlighting her professional experience. The bio is also very short and to the point, reducing the chances of confusion and keeping the reader's attention.

      9. Sundas Khalid

      Sundas Khalid's YouTube channel description starts with a friendly “Hey!” before explaining who she is and what she does: “I am Sundas, and I help you succeed in the data science and tech fields.”

      The description then dives into her background as a self-taught data scientist.

      It also highlights her achievements as someone with 10 years of experience across two prominent companies where she was a high performer at each.

      What I Love: I love Sundas Khalid because she relates to her audience by using a friendly tone and explaining that she is self-taught and from a non-tech background.

      Her approach shows she creates content for viewers who may have little to no experience in the tech field but want to break into the industry or sharpen their knowledge.

      I especially like how she includes a disclaimer at the end, letting readers know her opinions are her own and do not reflect those of the company she works for. It's a great example of transparency while separating your work and creativity.

      10. Matte Wolfe

      What Matte Wolfe's description lacks in words it makes up for in key links. Wolfe's YouTube channel includes links to his blog, Twitter (now X) account, and his AI tools database.

      What I Love: Wolfe's channel description is a great model for how less is more, especially if your channel covers a broad spectrum of topics within your niche.

      Just make sure you use the extra space saved in your channel to highlight important links, such as to your blog, social media channels, or business.

      YouTube Channel Description Templates

      Now that we've covered the basics look at a few templates you can use to craft a compelling YouTube description.

      1. Playful YouTube Channel Description Template

      You might create a playful, easy-going channel ‘About Me’ description, like this one:

      Hi, I'm [Name]. This is my channel about increasing your sales, effectively targeting your audience, and growing an email list that you can use to grow your business.

      If you're a marketer who wants to learn marketing strategies to get [result, i.e., more traffic to your site], subscribe to my channel.

      My channel publishes videos that focus on storytelling content that connects X, shows you how to infuse your authenticity in your brand, and gives you a marketing strategy that feels organic.

      If that sounds like it could be helpful for you, please join me!

      Free YouTube Description Templates

      Free templates to help you plan and promote your YouTube videos.

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        2. Third-Person YouTube Channel Description Template

        Alternatively, you can craft a YouTube description that describes what your company does from a third-person point of view, like this one:

        [Company] is the worldwide leader in X, Y, and Z. Since [year], [Company] has been on a mission to [insert company vision or purpose here].

        To learn more about [Company], its values, and its [company offering], subscribe to our channel to stay informed.

        3. Niche YouTube Channel Description Template

        Tell your subscribers what you're all about and describe your niche when writing your YouTube channel description.

        [Name] and [Name] have nuanced discussions about dating, their lifestyle, and relationships. They discuss current topics that affect modern dating and how to maneuver relationship patterns. You can purchase [Name] and [Name]'s [product] to learn more about improving your knowledge of relationships.

        4. Inviting YouTube Channel Description Template

        Building a relationship with your followers is one of the most important things you can do as a content creator. This template invites them to join you as you grow your brand.

        This channel gives everything you need to know about gaming, including the latest equipment reviews, new game reviews, and once-a-week live streams. Watch as I, [name], try to beat my high score in the latest release of [insert game name here].

        5. Personal YouTube Channel Description Template

        Don't be afraid to be vulnerable with your audience. Adding personal touches to your YouTube channel description, like the template below, can help you become more authentic.

        This is a personal journey of how I became a painter. Learn about what paints I purchase, the tools I use, and the techniques I learned during school. Art is my passion, and I express my love for [insert passion] through it.

        6. Straight-forward YouTube Channel Description Template

        Tell your audience exactly what they can expect from your channel by using this template:

        This channel gives pop culture commentary through a [political ideology] political lens. We make commentary on books and current events. We also upload a new video every Wednesday and Friday.

        YouTube Video Description Examples

        A helpful video description can spike your audience's interest, resulting in longer watch times, better view counts, and even new subscribers.

        Plus, it can help with YouTube SEO, allowing YouTube's algorithm to understand your content and suggest it to new users, further boosting your YouTube metrics.

        1. “5 Best Coding Languages for Beginners 2021” by nicole . young

        Image Source

        The description of nicole . young's YouTube video, "5 Best Coding Languages for Beginners 2021," hooks the viewer by posing a question that will be answered in the video.

        The video description also includes a benefit the viewer will gain from watching the video.

        Why I Love It

        In this video description, the creator summarizes the video‘s title and specifies the target audience. The text will help audiences (and YouTube) understand the video’s content.

        This creator understands that the channel description is prime real estate for contact information, social media handles, and calls to action, persuading viewers to stick around.

        2. “How to Write Counterpoint - Music Composition” by Music Matters

        youtube video description example:  music matters

        Image Source

        The description of Music Matters's YouTube video, "How to Write Counterpoint - Music Composition,“ uses keywords such as ”writing counterpoint,“ ”music composition lesson,“ and ”understanding counterpoint" to appeal to audiences that are interested in learning the music composition technique.

        The description also includes timestamps that viewers can use to skip to the portion of the video that addresses the specific topic they want to learn about.

        Why I Love It

        This YouTube video description uses keywords to appeal to a niche audience. The specificity makes it easily searchable on YouTube. Using keywords to make each video search-friendly will drive traffic to your video's specific content.

        3. “How to Create a 90-Day Plan for your Business (+ Free Workbook)” by Anna Clark

        Image Source

        The description of Anna Clark's YouTube video, "How to Create a 90-Day Plan for your Business (+ Free Workbook)," includes links to the creator's website, courses, newsletter, and social media accounts, and a workbook that viewers can download and complete as they watch the video.

        Why I Love It

        It's good to involve your viewers in other aspects of your business. The interaction and engagement you earn will help you rank against other active channels.

        Directing your viewers to other resources for your business will also help your YouTube channel drive traffic to your website, increasing your authority in your business niche.

        4. “How To Create An Email Sales Funnel” by Wishpond

        Image Source

        The description of Wishpond's YouTube video, "How To Create An Email Sales Funnel," hooks the viewer by stating that the video is the fourth installment in a series and linking to the previous video.

        The video description also incentivizes viewers to learn more about the company.

        Why I Love It

        This description segments the video as a section of a more extensive series. If subscribers learn that you provide similar content on your channel, they will be more inclined to watch your other videos.

        The description also lets viewers know there's a free demo of the service. If you sell different products or services in your business, link them in the description.

        5. “How to Outline Your Novel - Part 2” by Writing with Jenna Moreci

        Image Source

        The description of Writing with Jenna Moreci's YouTube video, "How to Outline Your Novel - Part 2," hooks the viewer by stating that the video is the second installment in a series and linking to the previous video.

        The video description also lets viewers learn more about the creator's products.

        Why We Love It

        This video description is excellent because it lets viewers know what's coming next. Inserting a “new segment” in your YouTube series lets viewers anticipate your next video.

        6. “Microgreens Growing: Materials and Beginner's Guide” by Epic Gardening

        Image Source

        The video description tells viewers about the creator's experience with microgreens, lists the supplies the creator mentions in the video, and lists ways that viewers can support the creator beyond watching their video.

        Why I Love It

        The creator provides a list of products used in the video. The viewers can research the products or purchase them immediately through the links.

        7. “Budgeting for Beginners - How to Make a Budget From Scratch 2021” by Debt Free Millennials

        Image Source

        Debt Free Millennials' YouTube video, "Budgeting for Beginners - How to Make a Budget From Scratch 2021," teaches viewers to create a budget.

        The description gives viewers an overview of the topics covered in the video and invites them to sign up for products and services through affiliated links.

        It also includes links to the creator's Instagram, Facebook group, and website so viewers can connect with the creator through different social platforms.

        Why I Love It

        I love that the creator has created a sense of community and togetherness. If you include your social media links in your YouTube video description, subscribers will follow you on multiple platforms to remain engaged with your content.

        The content creator invites them to return for new videos and share their experiences on social media.

        Free YouTube Description Templates

        Free templates to help you plan and promote your YouTube videos.

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          8. “FINALLY be consistent on social media” by Jade Beason

          Jade Beason‘s video gives viewers tips and strategies for staying consistent on social media as a creator or business owner. Her video’s description is simple and captures who and what the video is intended for:

          “Watch this video if you're struggling to post consistently on social media!

          If you want to learn new content creation tips, content creation hacks, how to be consistent on social media or how to create consistent content on social media, this video is for you.”

          What I Love: Since Beason‘s video description is so short, it leaves plenty of room for her to list other important information, and that’s what she does.

          As viewers read through the description, they‘ll find information about further learning, additional resources, Beason’s equipment, and free guides.

          Even better, it's all neatly organized into sections.

          9. “The Roadmap To Making Your First $1M In SaaS (How I Did It)” by Alex Heiden

          Alex Heiden‘s video documents part of his journey of trying to profit off B2B SaaS. The video’s description details how he organizes his goals and the tools he uses.

          What I Love: Heiden‘s description is detailed in summarizing the video’s point. He has included chapters, which are great for SEO and helps YouTube rank the video higher in search results.

          10. “Easiest Online Business To Make $100,000+ In 2024” by Jensen Tung

          Jensen Tung‘s video discusses the easiest online business to start to make $100,000. The video’s title is self-explanatory, so it's not as necessary for Tung to have the video summary at the top of the description.

          So, he moved it toward the bottom and used the rest of the space to provide information on his gear, newsletter, crucial links, and other endeavors.

          What I Love: Tung prioritizes the most important information in his video description, and, in this case, it‘s not the video’s summary — it's the links and information to his other projects that views may not have been able to find as easily otherwise.

          YouTube Video Description Templates

          A YouTube video description is descriptive text that includes but is not limited to keywords, themes, and special concepts/guests that the content creator wants their viewers to know.

          The YouTube video description increases visibility through SEO, views, and subscriptions. In each video description, the content creator will encourage their viewers to “Like,” “Share,” and “Subscribe” to their content.

          An effective video description will be persuasive and informative, prompting the audience to tune in regularly.

          1. Simple YouTube Video Description Template

          Rather than writing a lengthy summary of your video, keep your descriptions detailed enough to let the viewer know what to expect, yet concise enough so they don't lose interest.

          Listen to how our CEO explains the difference between X and Y, and learn best practices for implementing your own strategy.

          Learn more about X and Y in our course: [course link].

          2. Social Media YouTube Video Description Template

          You can use a YouTube channel description like this one to help new viewers connect with you on your other channels and social media platforms:

          Hi there! New to [name of channel]? If so, here's what you need to know: I like [interests related to channel] a LOT, so I use this channel to explore X, Y, and Z to help you [desired result for viewer].

          Where else you can find me:

          INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/[accountname]

          TWITTER: http://twitter.com/[accountname]

          LIFESTYLE CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/[accountname]

          Join our growing community for new videos every Tuesday and Friday!


          Please contact [PR representative] at [email or phone number].

          3. Search-Friendly YouTube Video Description Template

          YouTube increases visibility within keyword searches and relevant content. As a result, videos should have buzzwords in video and channel descriptions.

          If you want to craft a description that explains what your video is about and incorporates a keyword description, try this:

          Hey there! This lesson is part of a free online course. Take the full course here: www.company.com/course1.

          Some people are unsure what X is — at its most basic, X is [brief definition of keyword]. In this video, you‘ll learn how to X, Y, and Z, to ensure you’re able to grow your brand online.

          In addition, we'll explain how you can avoid doing A. Sometimes, A is all it takes to lose a customer.

          4. Teaser YouTube Video Description Template.

          Use your video descriptions as an opportunity to let your viewers know when to expect new content from you, like this template:

          Join the “musical nerds” on a mission to improve our musical understanding. We upload every Wednesday and Thursday. We will have Q&A sessions to answer all of your beginner questions on Wednesdays starting next week.

          5. Transparent YouTube Video Description Template

          Transparency is key to gaining the trust of your audience. This template is an excellent example of how to let your viewers know when you are using affiliate links in your descriptions.

          What‘s up, guys? In this video, we’ll talk about an everyday makeup look you can do in 10 minutes. I‘m not an early riser, but just like anyone, I still want to look good for the day. I’ll list the products I used in this video.

          Please subscribe if you are feeling my vibe. I post content weekly, and you can always find me on Insta! I'll drop my social media handles below.

          **All opinions are my own. This video isn‘t sponsored. I’m sent products for my consideration, and I earn a small percentage from sales through affiliated links. Clicking on affiliated links doesn't cost you anything.**

          Free YouTube Description Templates

          Free templates to help you plan and promote your YouTube videos.

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            6. Engaging YouTube Video Description Template

            Engaging with your audience is essential for building community with them. Here, this description encourages viewers to leave suggestions in the comments section to be featured in future videos.

            Hi, everyone! We‘re the Science Kidz! Today, we are experimenting to find out which popcorn brand leaves behind the least number of kernels. Will it be Orville Redenbacher’s or Act II?

            Every week, we do a new experiment as part of our initiative to highlight STEM careers in Savannah, Georgia. If you have an experiment you want to see The Science Kidz try, leave a comment below. You never know — we could pick yours!

            Follow me on Instagram for more experiment ideas, and tag us in some of the experiments you do with your friends!

            7. Sponsored YouTube Video Description Templates

            Disclosing paid sponsorships or product placements doesn‘t have to be super jargon-heavy. A template like this can help you be candid with your audience without straying from your brand’s voice and sounding like a robot.

            Hey, y‘all! Today, we’ll be rebuilding a 454 Chevy Big Block motor. We‘ll be adding 200 horses to bring the motor up to 680 horsepower. I hope y’all are ready to dive into business with Motor Boyz.

            This episode is sponsored by Husky tools, and we'll be using their latest impact and driver tools to rebuild the 454. We would like to thank Anderson Auto for donating the 1972 C10 to be our frame once the motor is rebuilt and completed.

            1. Use templates.

            Once you have your brand voice down, create a template for your video descriptions to help save you time when uploading. If you're having trouble making a template on your own, use HubSpot's YouTube templates to get some inspiration.

            2. Be clear and concise.

            When writing a description for a YouTube video, you should aim for simplicity. Make sure all the essential information is above the fold. That way, you can ensure potential viewers know what your video is about as they search for what they need.

            3. Connect with subscribers.

            Use your YouTube descriptions to help new viewers connect with you on your other channels and social media platforms. In doing this, you can increase your cross-promote content more easily and boost engagement and discoverability.

            Just make sure to put your social media links toward the end of your descriptions since there are more important details to keep above the fold.

            4. Create a niche.

            Whether you‘re writing a description for your channel or a video, you’ll want to define your niche. Start by introducing yourself or your brand, then highlight what you offer and what makes you unique.

            Be sure to incorporate relevant keywords used to search for content in your niche so your target audience has a better chance of finding you.

            5. Show your journey.

            You may want to create a channel description asking viewers to join you on a journey you document on your YouTube channel. For instance, if your YouTube channel focuses on streaming video game content, you may invite subscribers to watch you as you attempt to win the game.

            Therefore, mentioning a goal for your channel can help you gain new subscribers eager to come along for the ride as you pursue a goal.

            6. Be more personal.

            Create a sense of community with your channel by being more personal with your audience. When writing your descriptions, consider including personal touches, such as telling a story, using relatable language, or speaking directly to the viewer.

            By offering an emotional appeal, you and your content will come off as more authentic, helping you create a stronger connection with your subscribers.

            7. Create anticipation for new content.

            A content creator must build excitement for the next video — a sense of urgency and anticipation for their audience. A YouTuber can create giveaways, conduct polls, and invite special guests to participate in the videos to maintain the channel's success.

            8. Make it search-friendly.

            We have all done it: Having parts of an idea and hoping Google will fill in the blanks by completing the search with the rest of our thoughts.

            As a content creator, you need to own each video's related tag, including misspellings, to help refine the content under your channel. The YouTube videos must be centered around keywords, maximizing your SEO for Google and YouTube searches.

            9. Lead viewers to other resources.

            When crafting your descriptions, consider linking to related content that viewers might find interesting or helpful. For example, if you have a blog, you can link to a blog post that goes more in-depth on the topic you're discussing. This will help provide additional context to the viewer and bring more traffic to your website.

            10. Incorporate keywords.

            Use keywords in your descriptions to increase the visibility of your YouTube channel and videos. In order to determine which keywords you should target, you‘ll need to conduct keyword research.

            When crafting your description, don’t repeat the same keywords too much. Instead, insert them in a way that sounds natural. This will keep it easy to read and help you avoid keyword stuffing.

            11. Tease a new initiative.

            A new video is upcoming, and you need to send a teaser to your audience that will create buzz leading up to the release of the latest content. A video teaser can be uploaded to YouTube Shorts to increase anticipation.

            12. Be transparent.

            Authenticity sells. Viewers know when you aren‘t being transparent with them, so just be honest. If you have affiliate partners, gifted products, or sponsorships, don’t try to hide it.

            Be honest with your viewers and write a disclaimer in your description.

            As a YouTuber, engaging with your audience and building their trust is essential. If you lose that trust, it can be hard to win it back.

            13. Maintain engagement.

            Keeping your audience engaged is crucial for getting them to return for more content. When writing your video description, use a strong hook that grabs your audience's attention and makes them want to watch.

            Be sure to break down the video into sections and include timestamps for each one. This allows viewers to jump to specific parts of the video so they remain interested.

            14. Plug your products.

            Any time you mention or use one of your products or services in a video, you should always include a link in your description. Doing this prompts the audience to try your product or service for themselves.

            Offering a discount code may also encourage potential customers to leap.

            15. Test out different formats.

            If your videos aren't reaching your expectations, try experimenting with different description formats and templates.

            Maybe your descriptions are too long, and they get cut off on certain devices, or perhaps there are better keywords you can optimize for. Testing out different descriptions will help give you a better idea of what works best for your brand.

            Download these YouTube description templates and help your video go viral.

            These must-have YouTube video and channel description templates can help you reduce the time it takes to upload and optimize your YouTube videos, getting them out to your audience quickly and with less effort.

            Be sure to customize the text to enhance the reading experience because you want to be as helpful as possible for your audience.

            Editor's note: This post was originally published in March 2019 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.


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