Welcome to HubSpot’s fifth annual State of Inbound Marketing Report.

At HubSpot, our founding mission is to transform the way people do marketing. The traditional methods of reaching people through interruptive and annoying tactics are disappearing – and those that aren’t are becoming increasingly expensive and ineffective. Further, these highpressure tactics are counterproductive to building long-term relationships with customers.

We also believe that engaging consumers means much more than simply finding the newest channel to push out a message to the masses. Instead, marketing today is about understanding how consumers research and make purchase decisions in this hyper-connected, digital world. It’s about meeting them at every stage of that decision by integrating relevant content with context on your consumers. It’s about a unified process of attracting audience, converting prospects, closing leads, and delighting customers in ways they actually desire.

It’s about creating marketing people love: inbound marketing.

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[Editor's note: The 2014 State of Inbound Report is available for historical comparisons. For the most up to date report, please see StateofInbound.comThis report contains links for HubSpot Content, Products, and Services.]

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