For the past five years, HubSpot has published the findings from its annual survey, which probes marketers on their challenges, priorities, tactics and results, in a popular report branded “The State of Inbound Marketing.”

For this year’s report, we followed many of the same processes as in the past. We surveyed thousands of marketers (see “Audience Composition” graphic) and asked a blend of repeat questions (for trending data) and new ones (to keep pace with emerging marketing trends). We produced nearly a hundred graphs, which we winnowed down to 40 or so compelling “data narratives” that we believe will help readers improve top-line performance.

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[Editor's note: The 2014 State of Inbound Report is available for historical comparisons. For the most up to date report, please see StateofInbound.comThis report contains links for HubSpot Content, Products, and Services.]

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