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1. Mark Zuckerberg, facing threats of increased government regulation, explains Facebook's ad-targeting practices once and for all.

With increasing calls for stricter regulations on how the social media platform collects and uses user data, Mark Zuckerberg wanted to clear a few things up for the public. The Facebook founder penned an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal, published late last Thursday, which attempts to clear up any lingering questions about exactly how Facebook's business model works. Primarily, the op-ed explains how and why Facebook sells ads to keep their services free for all users. Nothing particularly illuminating is revealed in the piece, but it comes at a time when the FTC is poised to slap Facebook with a potentially "record setting" fine for last year's headline-grabbing Cambridge Analytica scandal. Read full story here >>

2. A user-discovered FaceTime bug might let users eavesdrop on your calls.

Apple disabled their group FaceTime feature after a 14-year old Arizona high schooler discovered a bug that activated a call recipient's microphone (and in some cases camera) before they accepted the call. It took the teen and his mom a week to get in touch with Apple, but the company released a statement to TechCrunch that they were working on a fix. Read full story here >>

3. Are mainstream VR movies actually on the horizon?

The Sundance Film Festival saw an influx of emerging media projects this year, with many filmmakers and creators testing the waters of virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and connected devices to tell more interactive stories. And it wasn't just small, experimental studios getting in on the action -- more established studios, like Disney, contributed emerging media films to the festival. But does film's new tech mean we'll see a VR movie boom in the next few years? Read full story here >>

4. The inventor of the modern office passed away this week.

You might not know Florence Knoll's name, but you're probably very familiar with her work. Knoll is often credited with inventing the modern open office plan -- the same concept of optimizing space and increasing the flow of ideas between different departments used by many tech companies today. Love it or hate it, you can't deny the impact Knoll's designs have had on modern office culture. Read full story >>

5. How do people actually feel about the pace of new tech releases?

Keeping up with new releases from tech companies -- even just the big ones like Apple and Samsung -- can be exhausting (and wildly expensive, if you want to actually purchase the latest gadgets as they're released). We ran a survey to better understand how tech consumers actually feel about new technology releases. Read full story >>

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