19 Surprising Sales Stats & More Articles You Might've Missed This Week

Emma Brudner
Emma Brudner




It doesn't matter how likeable you are or how much you've researched your buyer -- if you send your email at the wrong time with the wrong subject line, it's not getting a response. Ditto if you call a prospect at the wrong time, or leave an overly long voicemail.

The when, how, and what of sales messaging provides a solid foundation for the content. In his post "19 Shocking Sales Stats That Will Change How You Sell," Zachary Lukasiewicz has compiled a slew of interesting data points guaranteed to make you think. For instance, did you know that 15% of a sales rep's time is spent leaving voicemails? Or that tone comprises 86% of our communication on the phone? How about the fact that emails sent on Tuesday have a higher open rate than all other weekdays? Definitely food for thought -- and perhaps justification for a few process changes.

When you've finished absorbing Lukasiewicz's insights, peruse five more of the most notable sales articles of the week below.

1) Key Findings From 6.4 Million Sales Emails by Craig Rosenberg

Continue the statistics kick you're on by reading this article. More data-driven knowledge ahead!

2) All The Sales Training in the World Can't Fix Stupid by Chris Young 

Ouch. Don't invest in training until you get your hiring up to speed.

3) How to Get Powerful LinkedIn Recommendations by Robert Terson

One small word in your recommendation request can make all the difference.

4) 10 Questions About Sales Prospecting (And Why Your Process Doesn't Work) by Mark Hunter

If you don't know the answers to these questions, you're probably doing prospecting wrong.

5) Sales Lessons From The Oscars by Julie Hansen

Find out what Neil Patrick Harris taking the stage in his underwear has to do with sales.

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