Inside Sales Benchmark Report Reveals What Your SaaS Sales Team Needs To Know

Anum Hussain
Anum Hussain



inside-sales-benchmark-report-reveals-what-your-saas-sales-team-needs-to-knowSome sales teams are better than others. We all know it. But what's differentiating the best from the best?

After analyzing data from hundreds of sales teams, the folks at InsightSquared uncovered just that, and shared an infographic highlighting these new SaaS benchmarks. 

7 Key Benchmarks Your SaaS Sales Team Needs To Know

  1. High-growth sales teams generate 40% more leads each month, but create 60% fewer opportunities and deals. [Click to tweet!]
  2. Fast-growth companies win deals that are 2.8x larger than the deals won by slow-growth companies. [Click to tweet!]
  3. Larger deals have 1.4x longer sales cycles than average. [Click to tweet!]
  4. Larger deals require 30% more work than average deals. [Click to tweet!]
  5. Larger deals have 20% lower win rates than average deals. [Click to tweet!]
  6. The best reps win 80% more deals than average reps. [Clik to tweet!]
  7. Best reps win more deals by working more opportunities while maintaining the same sales cycle and win rates as bottom reps. [Click to tweet!]

New SaaS Benchmarks That Flip Conventional Wisdom On Its Head



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