8 Daydreams to Help You Get Through Your Friday

Anna Harrington
Anna Harrington



daydream-officeRecovering from a fun Halloween last night? Still recuperating from World Series celebrations? (Sorry, we're Boston-based so I had to throw that one in there.) It's the end of the sales month and you've worked hard, so no one will hold it against you for wanting to have a good time.

But there comes consequences to living every day like its Thirsty Thursday. Guzzling a gallon of water an hour, popping Advil like its candy, propping yourself up on your elbows, and trying so very hard to sound alive on your sales calls -- it happens to the best of us.

To get through the few hours standing between you and your weekend, take a 5-minute breather and let yourself drift away into these daydreams. Ahhh -- just imagine ...

1) Hanging out in this bungalow in Maldives ...

Inline image 2
                       Source: Anantara Resort & Spa

2Gazing up at sharks through this underwater glass ceiling ... 

Inline image 3
                       Source: Conrad Hotels & Resorts

3) Having a relaxing meal in this cave on the southern Italian coast ...

Inline image 4
                       Source: Inhabitat.com

4) Spending an evening on this luxury yacht in the Mediterranean ...

Inline image 5
                       Source: Fancy.com

5) Catching the soft tropical breeze on this swing in St. Lucia ...

Inline image 17
                       Source: Top Inspired

6) Getting cozy while tree camping in Germany ...

Inline image 10
                       Source: High Ropes Forest

7) Taking in London from the top of this ferris wheel ...

                       Source: Wikimedia

8) Snuggling with these puppies, anywhere ...

Inline image 4
                       Source: Wickerfurniture

What are your favorite places to daydream about when you're taking a break? Let us know in the comments section below!

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