A Lesson in Insight Selling From Uber & 5 Other Sales Articles You Might've Missed This Week

Emma Brudner
Emma Brudner




Uber has had its fair share of PR snafus of late. But in Linda Richardson's opinion, there's at least one thing the company is doing right: using data-based insights to shift their potential riders' status quo.

In her post "Insights Take To The Street," Richardson, author of the book Changing the Sales Conversation, reprinted an email she received from the car sharing service and analyzed it from a sales perspective. By presenting post-Superbowl rides in the light of drunk driving statistics, Uber "mastered the art of insights," in Richardson's opinion.

While not a true sales email, Uber's message still contains a valuable lesson for reps -- the importance of building your sales story around thought-provoking data.

"Insights open doors and drive sales," Richardson writes. "They educate. They evoke. They connect two points not connected before to create a deeper understanding, trigger thinking, and challenge the status quo."

After you read this uber-insightful post, check out five more of this week's top sales articles below.

1) 10 Enemies of Productivity by Anthony Iannarino

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2) Setting Objectives to Win by Jonathan Farrington 

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3) Best Practices for Closing Business Without BANT Leads by Craig Rosenberg

If your sales organization is moving away from the BANT-based definition of a qualified lead, you'll probably want to bookmark this one.

4) "Touching Base" Emails Suck. The Top Four Ways to Stay In Touch by James Purvis

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What posts did you enjoy this week? Please share in the comments.

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