The 16 Best Virtual Staging Apps and Software for Real Estate Agents

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Meg Prater


A 2020 study by the National Association of Realtors found that 82% of buyers’ agents said staging a home made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home. Whether you’re starting a real estate business or have been selling homes for a while, there’s a clear and increasing benefit to professionally staging your clients’ homes.

But in this day and age, physically staging a home can be tough. With the pandemic, almost every industry shifted away from on-location visits toward more virtual alternatives — and real estate was no exception. That's why something known as virtual staging is becoming increasingly popular — on top of the fact that it's often cheaper and faster than its conventional counterpart.

Here, we'll take a closer look at what virtual staging is, how much it typically costs, whether it's worth your consideration, and some of the best resources you can leverage for it.

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As I mentioned, virtual staging is typically more cost-effective than conventional staging — but how much can you really save? And is it worth the investment?

How much does virtual staging cost?

The price of virtual staging varies from service to service. It also rests on how many rooms you need staged, the amount of space you're looking to cover, and the turnaround time you need for the images.

By and large, the cost of virtual staging hovers between $30 and $150 per photo — but some contractors might charge considerably more for their services, and others might charge less.

Is virtual staging worth it?

The short answer? Probably. Physical staging is often considerably more expensive than its virtual alternative. HomeAdvisor estimates it can cost as much as $1,458 per month to furnish and stage the average home.

With virtual staging, you're putting a lot of stock in the fact that your potential buyers will find you online and base a significant portion of their decision on the impression that initial virtual exposure gives them.

Still, as I just touched on and you'll see below, there are several services that can suit almost any budget. If you're selling your home, virtual staging can't really hurt your efforts — so it might be worth taking a chance on.

Virtual Home Staging Software

1. Virtual Staging Solutions

Virtual Home Staging Software virtual staging solutions

Price: 4 photos/$300; 5 photos/$375; 6 photos/$450; 7 photos/$525; 8 Photos/$600

Virtual Staging Solutions offers turnaround time of one to two business days, and rush service is available for an additional fee. You’ll also receive two free revisions and "happiness guaranteed" or your money back. Submit photos of each room, choose a style from their pre-designed furniture options, and your designer will do the rest.

Virtual Staging Solutions also offers remodeling and restyling virtual staging in which they change flooring, walls, cabinets, and more. They’ll also remove existing furniture and virtually stage with new options. Need virtual construction help? They’ve got you covered there, too.

2. BoxBrownie

Virtual Home Staging Software Box brownie

Price: $32/photo (No volume discounts available)

BoxBrownie promises to increase buyer interest, help you sell properties 75% faster, bring in a higher sales price (up to 85% higher), and help you stage a home at a fraction of the cost of non-virtual staging. Give them your photos and 48 hours, and they’ll do the rest.

For additional fees, BoxBrownie also offers image enhancement, day-to-dusk image retouching, floor plan redraws, renders, copywriting, and 360-degree services.

3. VisualStager

Virtual Home Staging Software VisualStager

Price: Prepaid credits (10 credits to stage one photo): $15.00/10 credits; $59/50 credits; $99/100 credits; $269/300 credits; $399/500 credits; $699/1000 credits; White Label Lite Plan, $10/month paid yearly or $15/month; White Label Standard, $20/month paid yearly or $30/month

VisualStager is a do-it-yourself virtual home staging software that lets you do the styling. Upload your room photos, erase existing furniture, select from over 4,000 furniture items, and simply drag and stage your photos. Once finished, you can share staged photos as JPGs or on the cloud as a flarelet.

4. VHT Studios

Virtual Home Staging Software VHT Studios

Price: To see rates for Silver Series, Gold Series, and Platinum Series plans, enter your zip code here

VHT offers similar services as those listed above. Staging, painting, decluttering, redecorating, and virtual twilight are all available. And they promise to help you sell your home 32% faster, with their photos and expertise.

5. VRX Staging

Virtual Home Staging Software VRX Staging

Price: $35/photo

Upload photos under 6MB, and VRX will return them by the very next business day before 5:00 PM CST, Monday through Friday. You’ll receive one free revision per photo and only pay $5.00 per revision per photo after that. Want them to take the photos for you? They can do that too, if you’re located in the United States.

6. Styldod

Price: More than 8 images - $16 USD per image; Less than 8 images - $23 USD per image; Unlimited Free Revisions

Styldod transforms your property images into a beautifully staged space with a turnaround time of just 1-2 business days, helping you sell your property 73% faster and for a higher price. Along with being cost-effective, they also guarantee customer satisfaction by offering unlimited free revisions. You can select from popular design styles, from a traditional farmhouse vibe to a sleek modern contemporary look, to everything in between.

Simply submit your property images, and Styldod can do virtual staging, image enhancement, object removal, enchanting day-to-dusk edits, virtual renovation, virtual tours, and even a number of copywriting solutions for real estate agents.

7. Real Tour Vision

Virtual Home Staging Software Real Tour vision

Price: Self-service image staging, $15/photo; Full-service virtual staging, $35/photo

Use Real Tour Vision's new furniture removal tool to tackle do-it-yourself virtual staging for a discounted rate, or leave it to the professionals with their full-service virtual staging offer.

8. Virtually Staging Properties

Virtual Home Staging Software Virtual Staging Properties

Price: $85/1 photo; $150/2 photos; $225/3 photos; $280/4 photos; $325/5 photos; $60/each additional photo

It might be one of the most expensive virtual staging platforms on the market, but Virtually Staging Properties promises it’s also one of the best. Professional home stagers give each photo "unmatched realism" and satisfaction guaranteed.

They distinguish their offering with a full library of the latest trends and professional designers and realtors who know how to emphasize a home’s best features. Turnaround time varies but averages approximately two business days.

9. Virtual Staging Lab

Virtual Home Staging Software virtual staging lab

Price: $40/photo for vacant room staging; $60/photo for room modeling

With Virtual Staging Lab, you’ll enjoy the advice of skilled professionals with years of staging experience. Each piece of virtual furniture is guaranteed to complements the style of your home, and you’ll start with a free consultation -- no strings attached. They also offer 24/7 support.

Simply upload your photos to their website, complete checkout, and you’ll receive your staged images in two business days or less.

10. IBD Luxury Home Staging

Virtual Home Staging Software IBD luxury home staging

Price: From $119/photo

Selling a luxury home? Consider celebrity home stager Ilaria Barion’s boutique firm. They combine upscale home staging expertise and high-end design for digital staging that’s a cut above the rest.

Choose from virtual staging for an empty home, virtual furniture replacement and cosmetic work, virtual landscaping and outdoor staging, night virtual staging, architectural rendering services, and more.

11. Spotless Agency

Virtual Home Staging Software spotless agency

Price: Light, $79/photo; Standard, $99/photo; Professional, $199/photo

Send them photographs of your rooms in the biggest size you have in JPEG format (they recommend using a professional photographer for best results). Then, choose an interior design style and provide a floor plan.

Once you’ve submitted that information, Spotless will contact you to discuss next steps. Sotheby’s International Realty, Corcoran Group, and Compass are among their top-billed clients.

12. PadStyler

Virtual Home Staging Software padstyler

Price: From $59/photo

Two-day turnaround, a 100% money-back guarantee, and free revisions are just a few of the perks PadStyler offers. They’ve virtually staged over 50,000 homes and claim these homes sell for an average of 19% higher than others on the market.

Virtual home staging, virtual furniture replacement, virtual kitchen vision, virtual curb appeal, virtual renovation, and 3D floor plan rendering are a few of the features that make them a premium option for sellers.

Virtual Home Staging Apps

13. RoOomy

Virtual Home Staging Software rooomy

App: iOS

Price: Tier One, four virtual stagings for $415.00; Tier Two, six virtual stagings for $589.00; Tier Three, nine virtual stagings for $835.00

Submit listing images and choose your design style. Then approve your virtual staging to add to any listing. It's that easy. Want to make your rooms shoppable? RoOomy makes that easy, too. Their three-dimensional design options make the most of augmented reality, to give listings new potential.

14. iStaging

Virtual Home Staging Software iStaging

App: iOS | Android

Price: Ultra, $29/month or $299/year; Ultimate, $69/month or $699/year; Enterprise, pricing available upon request

Turn compatible smartphones into a VR camera to capture 360-degree tours of any space, and transform your next listing into an experience.

But first, choose the right plan for your needs. Their basic "Ultra" plan includes up to 15 LiveTours a month, their VR editor and app, AR for your floor plan, custom branding, free workshops, and even discounted hardware.

15. Housecraft

Virtual Home Staging Apps Housecraft

App: iOS

Price: Free

Housecraft is an augmented reality app that allows you to place fully rendered 3D furniture in living spaces — it's essentially an on-the-fly virtual staging resource that lets you stage in real-time.

Though the application is primarily tailored towards individual consumers, real estate agents can encourage prospective home buyers to use it during on-site tours.

16. Homestyler

Virtual Home Staging Apps homestyler

App: iOS | Android

Price: Free

Homestyler is another free virtual staging software, primarily tailored for interior decoration. The mobile application uses augmented reality to let users place 3D-rendered furniture in photographs of rooms. Like Housecraft, this app caters more towards home buyers as opposed to real estate professionals, but it can still be of use to the latter when giving tours.

Trends like virtual staging are always progressing and evolving in the space. If you're looking for a simple, quick, cost-effective way to give your listing a little more edge and personality, look into some of the resources listed above.

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