As a rule of thumb, the sales process shouldn't be about the salesperson and their company -- it should be about the prospect and their company. Every call, email, and meeting should be customized to the buyer and centered around what a given product or service would mean to them, their team, and their entire organization.

But a demo is the exception to the rule, right? Wrong. Although the purpose of a demo is to showcase the product's features to the buyer, the presentation shouldn't verge into "show up and throw up" territory. There's nothing that puts prospects to sleep faster than a long, rambling speech about how X feature does Y and Z feature does X. 

So if salespeople shouldn't blather on and on (and on) about their products during a demo, what should they talk about? This was the subject of the latest #SalesJolt Google hangout, featuring Jim Keenan and HubSpot's own Mark Roberge. Check out the video for a high-energy discussion on why prospects despise traditional demos (there just might be a brief rant) and tips on how to give both informative and compelling presentations. The conversation begins in earnest at 13:14, but be warned that if you skip ahead, you'll miss a rather entertaining introduction.  

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Originally published Mar 19, 2015 9:00:00 AM, updated February 01 2017


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