Bad habits are hard to break.

After a long day of sales calls, juggling what feels like a million prospects, and filling out endless CRM fields, it’s easy to slip into some bad sales habits. Do you find yourself brushing off a coworker because there isn’t enough time in the day for extra chatter? Or perhaps throwing in the towel just due to sheer lack of energy?

If you want to be a successful salesperson, not only should you use a personal sales assistant like Spiro, but you also need to stop these terrible habits in their tracks. Resolve to quit them now before they screw up your 2017 from the start.

1) Beating yourself up.

In sales, we are faced with rejection constantly. If you are in the habit of seeing every “no” you get from a prospect as a failure, you are going to burn out quickly.

Instead, redefine what it means to fail. If you are able to learn something from a “no,” then is it really a failure?

Finding the ability to grow from your mistakes is a positive side effect of defeat. After all, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

2) Acting like a know-it-all.

One thing I see a lot of green salespeople do is thinking they need to have an answer for everything. This is a terrible habit to get into. Not only will you alienate your coworkers by acting like a know-it-all, but you may be giving misinformation to your customers as well.

When you honestly don't know the answer, it’s always the best idea to own up to it, and say, “I don’t know the answer to that, but I’ll find out and get back to you as soon as I can."

3) Hoarding good ideas.

The flip side to acting like you don’t need help from others is refusing to offer assistance when your coworkers could really use some advice. This habit of hoarding good sales solutions is not only selfish, but makes you look a little paranoid.

A sales team needs to work together. If your colleague is selling a deal that is failing and you have a suggestion that might just save it, please jump in.

4) Seeking out Debbie Downers.

When things feel bleak and every pitch seems like a failure, you want to wallow in your sorrows with the other sinking ships around you. Before you know it, this becomes a habit. Don’t do it!

Surround yourself with positivity and learn something from the pros that are closing the big deals. 

5) Talking the talk without walking the walk.

Standing around talking about the steps you’re going to take to close a big deal makes you sound like you’ve got it all together. Heck, you may have even convinced yourself that you’re a big-time hot-shot closer. But the habit of talking and not doing is one you need to break.

Sometimes, talking too much can make you overthink. Not only are you wasting precious time, but chances are, your nerves will end up getting the best of you. Just roll up your sleeves and jump into your next call -- no pre-talk necessary.

6) Giving up.

Winston Churchill once said, “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” It’s easy to fall into the trap of giving up easily. Instead, you need to drop this habit and find some enthusiasm to keep you motivated.

Set a small reward for yourself. Maybe it's after the next five calls, you go get a cappuccino. Maybe you find motivation through music and exercise. Whatever works for you to keep your spirits high all day every day, do it, and refuse to quit.

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Originally published Dec 14, 2016 7:30:00 AM, updated August 30 2017


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