20 Weird Cognitive Biases Influencing Your Buyer's Decision [Infographic]

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Mike Renahan
Mike Renahan



Sales reps have a lot to overcome if they want to make a sale, not the least of which is their crummy reputation. Some folks hear the term “salesperson” and remember all the questionable reps they’ve dealt with over the years. Just like that you’re lumped into that crowd … before you even really talk to the prospect.

You just fell victim to a textbook stereotyping bias.

But don’t take offense -- it’s not just you. As it turns out, we all have a multitude of cognitive biases influencing our decisions, regardless of who we're dealing with.

Although cognitive biases lay below the surface of a prospect’s consciousness, they still play a role in their behavior during the sales process. This infographic from Business Insider alerts salespeople to 20 common cognitive biases they need to be aware of.

Next time you reach out to a prospect, remember that there are factors influencing their decision beyond their control. It’s best to research their situation, get to know them, and account for cognitive biases as best you can.

Have you ever experienced any of these before? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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20 cognitive biases that screw up your decisions

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